Activision CEO Says 'Warfare' May Outsell Top Hollywood Films

"A battle against Russian nationalists may give Activision Blizzard Inc. the biggest entertainment release of the year, said Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick."

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Darkeyes3324d ago

Look at the pic... Just draw 2 horns and there's the Devil for you (just look at he big smile on this @sshls face)... For the sake of the gaming community I hope it sells below what Activison expects it (although I highly doubt it)....

Gandalf3324d ago

Way ahead of you buddy.

swiftshot933324d ago

I dont like the publisher either, but I wont deprive myself of this amazing game. Day 1 for me.

El_Colombiano3324d ago

Have some decency. Get it used!

snipermk03324d ago

Some one is a little too over confident I must add.

StanLee3324d ago

The hate towards Activision and Modern Warfare 2 reminds me of when fantards on every internet forum were claiming how they wont be buying World at War because it's a backward step or made by Treyach or whatever idiotic reason they used for justifying their idiocy. The game launched to amazing success and has since sold over 10 million copies. When will you guys learn that you are the minority. If you're not going to get the game, no one cares. Just shut the hell up about it already.

Rhythmattic3324d ago

Im picturing that really heavy looking sign, falling on his head...

I feel better now.....

glennc3324d ago

he can hang with Michael Bay and they can spend their unearned millions together.

ThanatosDMC3324d ago

Just for that... im not buying.

chaosatom3324d ago

Slap the hell out of this Guy!!!


@ StanLee

ya, and your the guy who likes touching your toes like the rest of the lemmings... just because millions like jumping off the cliff, does not mean those who can see whats coming should do as well.

stop complaining about the people complaining... why don't you email bobby boy and tell him you want to be pen-pals and how much you like bending over for him.

SL1M DADDY3324d ago

I hate hime but he has what I need. Modern Warefare is a day one for me... GameFly day one that is.

HammockGames3324d ago

This smug [email protected] can never keep his idiotic trap shut for long.

As long as he's with Activision I will be buying all their games used.

So go ahead, Bobby, outsell Uwe Bol and brag about it. You'll still be a useless pr!ck.

JeffGUNZ3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Come on man, I am sick of people with that attitude. Stanlee is saying the truth. For the couple thousand that protest this, that number will look like nothing when the game sells over 15 million. Therefore, that makes the protesters the minority.

Also, just because someone is looking forward to this game, doesn't give a person the right to call them a lemming or a sheep, or any other names. In America, the price is the same. If they decided to raise the price, I would pay for it. MW2 is my most anticipated game this year. This game is worth $100 to me in the sense I will be playing it non-stop for a year or two. I respect your choice to not purchase it and that is fine; but calling someone a name and hinting that they are "followers" or "lemmings" is juvenile and inappropriate. No one should dictate or suggest how another should spend their hard earned money.

I am not picking on you in general Dark Witness, I enjoy a lot of your comments and have commented to you on occasions and had pleasant experiences. But that issues just irritates me.

sikbeta3324d ago

Stupid Kodick feels so confident

Arrongace will kill you B*iatch!!!! lol

nycredude3324d ago

Stanlee I am sure no cares if we don't get the game the same way no one cares what you think, yet you continue to comment on it. Why don't YOU STFU?!

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EpicGamerSwordsman3324d ago

The words of The devil Himself.

PrimordialSoupBase3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

More like his budget amounts to the entire gross of a top Hollywood film.

Rip-Ridah3324d ago

You won't be seeing any of my hard earned money. If I get any shooter, it'll be MAG. Zipper/Sony will more than likely get my $$$ in the shooter genre. To close out the year, I'll be purchasing Batman AA, Ratchet & Clank ACIT, Jak & Daxter PSP, Gran Turismo PSP, LBP PSP, Assassins Creed PSP, Assassins Creed 2, Silent Hill Shattered Memories PS2, God of War Collection, and Resident Evil (whatever) on Wii. My thumbs are sore just THINKING about all these games. Gotta love it though!! Carry on ladies and gents.

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