VGChartz: Trine Review

VGChartz writes: "Trine was oft delayed but in the end it was worth the wait. Few games match its visual majesty and the platforming is generally fun. It's a shame it doesn't work quite as well as in co-op as it does on your own. The somewhat lacking combat and the pitiful enemy variation also impede Trine's claims to greatness. Despite this, few games can captivate you with their presentation and at the same time draw forth memories of story time and waiting to drift into a world of fantasy like Trine."

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Zedux3327d ago

what are you still doing here VGChartz! You should be banned from submiting your fake numbers here!

You had PS3 at 25 million when Sony said they sold 27 million last week!
Will Sony lie to investers? No but you will!

You had 24hrs sales for Halo 3 ODST at 2 million! Now it's clear the DLC sold 1.8 million to date! Not approving your stuff sorry!

Bebedora3327d ago

Trine is realy spellbinding.