Dragon Age Patched For PC

A role-playing game as huge as Dragon Age: Origins is bound to have a few bugs hiding amidst the code. A new patch just arrived on Steam that clears up a few big issues for the PC version, including the possible corruption of your character data

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EvilCackle3324d ago

I concur. I haven't run into any big bugs in my time with Dragon Age thus far. Pretty impressive considering how many different little dialogue/quest branches there are.

Perjoss3323d ago

it was released today in the UK, just picked up my limited edition this morning, now i just have to finish work and race home!

Jamescagney3323d ago

I love this game, as much as I enjoyed Mass Effect and KOTOR, this is a true return to form for Bioware.

Christopher3323d ago

Love BioWare. Dragon Age has me at home for the last three days playing it when I should be doing something more productive. Oh well.

Perjoss3323d ago

"when I should be doing something more productive"

you are using your hands to 'produce' fun for your eyes and ears, that's productivity right there.

Nihilism3323d ago

Bioware is the bomb diggity, i just finished what was probably a 10hr session with this game, gotta love rpg's. That flemeth 'incident' blew me away

Baka-akaB3323d ago

Yes thank god for dragon age and the Witcher . I can't stand bethesda games and their "genericness" , nor any of their clones .

To each there own obviously , i just find bethesda games , especially Oblivion engaging and well written , even if big in scopes . I just dont care about your gigantic scopes if it's all about killing random mobs A in your 99th poorly designed cave or with the only thrill of being assaulted once more by a weak thief with golden loots.

I find that Bioware games since the golden era of baldur's gate to be a far more perfect balance of freedom and plot . And it that area in was barren for year in the fantasy genre , if not for the excellent the Witcher as well .

Nihilism3323d ago

I was suprised with how good the witcher was. I absolutely love dragon age but i would almost say that I liked the witcher as much. The characters in the witcher were awesome, every single npc had a role. Abigale, the witch in the swawp, and the reverand etc...that was a cool part of the game.

frostypants3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

They need to patch it so that you can actually get more freaking healing potions and injury kits. Right now, once you buy a vendors limited supply, they're gone. You can make them from plants, but once you harvest them (from the main areas at least), they are also gone. You can get them from slain enemies, but can only kill them once.

They also don't tell you this up front in the game, so you could drink healing potions like it was penny beer night only to discover that when you need them for that massive encounter (say, the final Keep battle) you realize to your horror that you're screwed when the merchant has no more to sell.

Or am I missing something? I hope I am...

Edit: I guess one could farm plants through random encounters via map travel, but for god's sake why must it be necessary?

Jamescagney3323d ago

Because it is, now get farming. You adventuring n00b. Play a game like BG2 and then come back. And also realise that potions are easily obtainable. N00b.

Can I get my fanboy glasses fixed please, they're smeared with sh*t.

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madkrazygames3323d ago

I hope they send a patch to the 360 for the framerate issues, The game is great, but these issues are getting annoying.

STONEY43323d ago

I don't think a patch could fix that. The framerate issues have to do with the older hardware. It's like trying to run Crysis maxed on a 5 year old PC. It's enevitibly going to run into framerate issues. Same with Dragon Age, it's probably really pushing the 360's hardware. Makes me wonder if Mass Effect 2 is going to have those too, since all the videos they've shown are from the 360 version and it looks pretty smooth.

bozebo3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

most major 360 games have framerate issues:
fable 2
l4d (2 too i guarantee)
mass effect
gow 1/2
last remnant
(ff13 will)
(tekken 6 probably does)

Baka-akaB3323d ago

hum tekken6 runs at 60fps everywhere . Hence the bit subhd graphics .

Tex1173323d ago

It is Oblivion(ish), but it has a more fleshed out world. The atmosphere is the same.

frostypants3323d ago

Feels more like a fleshed-out World of Warcraft to me. The combat system especially.

Jamescagney3323d ago

I just finished the fight with the ogre. Damn that was a tough fight, I'm playing on normal difficulty and was tempted to lower it but I did it in the end. My trusty pooch dealt the final blow, he was the only one left alive. Took me quite a few attempts though, it's very similar to BG in the difficulty stakes, which I'm happy about.

I'm enjoying this so much, absolutely epic game.

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