Ninja Gaiden Sigma Collectors Edition - GameStop Exclusive

This Collectors Edition will be a 2-disc set with special hi-res packaging, a behind the scenes DVD from Team Ninja, and special codes to unlock Ryu and Rachael mission modes.Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be the first next-generation game in the series, following the adventures of Ryu Hayabusa, the original Ninja.

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toniez74221d ago

This game is gona rock!!!

sonarus4221d ago

1 question. It says the collectors edition includes codes 2 unlock rachel missions. Does this mean these missions wnt be available in the regulare edition or it jst means it comes with the codes

ITR4221d ago

Probably just the codes.

Rythrine4221d ago

can't get any better than this, NGS after warhawk beta...nice!! btw warhawk beta is awesome except the bugs but who cares, it's still great

Charlie26884221d ago

Being such a HUGE fan of Collectors/Limited editions I find this one rather poor compared to some of the latest ones released and coming, but I guess you cant make a FULL one being only limited to GameStop

Which imo is VERY sad since I would LOVE to have bought a good collectors edition for NGS for the PS3

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