343 Industries worries 'constantly' about Halo oversaturation

Speaking to Joystiq, Microsoft's Frank O'Connor, creative director of 343 Industries, said that he worries "constantly" about the possibility of the market being oversaturated with Halo. When asked about the amount of Halo products out there (namely ODST, upcoming books, more comics, Halo Legends and the recently released encyclopedia), O'Connor said, "I worry about that constantly."

Regarding the various Halo products, O'Connor said, "All of that stuff has existed in the past, and it exists because of one simple reason, which is demand. We wouldn't make it if we weren't continually being asked for it." He added, "We obviously turn down almost infinitely more stuff than we actually produce, but when we produce it there's a good reason and a good plan and a strong demand."

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Saaking3327d ago

I do as well. Too much Halo and they'll ruin it.

kissmeimgreek3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

i think theyll be fine as long as they keep making one halo game every two years. as long as theirs an engrossing story im game for another halo.

P.S. I dont count ODST as a full game as all it was meant to do was hold people over till REACH

3327d ago
StanLee3327d ago

Dude, you know you don't care about Halo. Why lie?

Anyway, there is never an over saturation if the gaming community continue to embrace an IP. From yearly interations of sport titles, to Call of Duty titles every year for the past 3 years with another expected in 2010; as long as the fanbase continues to support a property and it continues to be successful, I say, go for it.

HolyOrangeCows3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

More like, "Be a virgin forever"

Yeah, just because you're unhappy with the direction the xbox is taking, it automatically means you don't care about the games, right? GTFO.

"P.S. I dont count ODST as a full game as all it was meant to do was hold people over till REACH "
Well, THEY sure counted that 5 hour, MP recycle bin as a full game.
And they charged $60 for it.
ODST indeed shows where the oversaturation is leading Halo.

IdleLeeSiuLung3327d ago

Every Halo released so far has sold incredibly well, and it there aren't as many releases as CoD series, so there is no real concern. Let MS worry about it and gamers worry about what games to play!!!

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3327d ago

are they not?

I think once you have Halo pajamas available you've jumped the shark.

WMW3327d ago

thats funny because MS put this studio together to continue the halo oversaturation because bungie wouldn't.

HappyTrigger3327d ago

So if thats the case, 343 Industries might shutdown or they might break away from MS and will become an independent studio.

StanLee3327d ago

No they did not. Bungie will continue to make Halo games but Halo has become a pop culture commodity with merchandising, books, cartoons and other media properties. 343 Industries manages the IP, choosing which ventures would appeal to the core fanbase, expand the fanbase and be commercially successful.

CharlesDCI3327d ago

I got a flu shot yesterday and the syringe said Halo on it.

swiftshot933327d ago

Who cares how many Halos there are as long as they're great. Look at Ratchet or Mario.

Me, personally, I stopped caring after Halo 3, but obviously there is large demand for the formula of Halo, so they should have it.

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