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PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "It's often easy to forget in this day and age of high definition graphics and 5.1 surround sound that Role Playing Games made their meager start with a pencil, paper and dice. BioWare certainly knows this heritage with the Baulders Gate and Neverwinter Nights series closely following the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rule set. That AD&D lineage runs strong in Dragon Age: Origins which weaves an epic tale of loyalty, corruption, intrigue and some kick ass combat."

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Trexman893123d ago

This game is a definite buy

Antar203123d ago

Awesome game, I love it :)

Sev3123d ago

Mr. Walken, I am a huge fan!

When will you be hosting Saturday Night Live again? I gotta have more cow bell!

Bubbles + for being Christopher Walken

Christopher_Walken3123d ago

Thank you good sir. PSLS and XBLS are two of my favorite sites.

decimalator3123d ago

I didn't realize Christopher Walken was such an avid gamer.

wolfehound223123d ago

Game sounds pretty interesting.

BigPete79783123d ago

I am trying to resist buying this game. I really am. I have it on my Game Q with Gamefly. But the more I read on it the harder it is to resist!