Which Console Has The Most Variety? PS3 or Xbox 360 (part 1)

So in light of the PS3's resurgence after the Slims release The Kingslayer's Journal decided it was high time to look at which two next gen systems offer the most variety. Is the Xbox 360 truly just a shooters system? Are there titles that people are playing, and buying that counter this argument? Does the PS3 really have no games, and only exclusives to play? Are exclusives better than mulitplatform games? What does it mean to have variety especially when gamers are getting used to features that have very little do with gaming. Which system offers the best bang overall. In this part 1 let the sparks fly, and keep the hateration to a minimum. Let's get it in!

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Parapraxis3327d ago

PS3 easily.

It may not have as extensive a library, but it certainly has the most variety and best ( not to mention, highest rated) exclusives.

Saaking3327d ago

PS3 obviously. It's got the best platformers, the best stealth game, the best action game, the best racing game, the best FPS, etc, etc.

3326d ago
Godmars2903327d ago

Regardless of actual facts you know the 360 camp will says its their console.

Saaking3327d ago

PS3. It offers much more variety than the shooterbox. ranging from AAA family friendly LBP to Action packed AAAA UC2.

3325d ago