Over 20 New Images of Flatout for 360

Over 20 New Images of Flatout:Ultimate Carnage for 360

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techie3921d ago

TnS why you always on Gamer's creed and Gameswanks case? Moron and his site dont stop copying images from other stories, yet I don't see you reporting him. What's the deal Tns? (just friendly question).

tony3921d ago

looks last generation graphix.

Odion3921d ago

Tony why don't you STFU, that game looks amazing and every course has 7000 objects in it that can be destroyed

PS360PCROCKS3921d ago

Excuse me while I change my those particle effects are something else...

sak5003920d ago

Wow look at SDF(sony defense force) disagreeing with everyone.

predator3921d ago

this game looks very good to me, i love that u can change a course due to smashing things on it

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The story is too old to be commented.