Media Create hardware sales (10/26 - 11/1)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan (official numbers), which includes the launch of the PSPgo.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3323d ago

PS3 – 36,061
Xbox 360 – 6,047

BAM! There it is!

KINGKON513323d ago


callahan093323d ago

Fun facts from Media Create

During the two months of September and October 2009, here's how the three consoles sold in Japan:

PS3 - 462,845
Wii - 218,457
360 - 45,963

Valay3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I'm not surprised at all that the DSi went down this week. The DSi LL (XL) is on the way, after all.

And I believe the PSPgo data is from one day of sales. So that's not too bad at all.

Saaking3323d ago

Sony still ruling supreme.

Lifendz3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

DSi – 37,517
PS3 – 36,061
PSP – 34,911
PSP go – 29,109
Wii – 28,888
DS Lite – 6,902
Xbox 360 – 6,047
PS2 – 1,966

Kudos to MS on destroying the PS2 this week.

Greywulf3323d ago

"MS not out for the count yet"

SixZeroFour3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

lmao @greywulf, i would literally rotflmao if kotaku did run a story with that kind of a headline

but in all honesty, why did it go up close to 2k units...did ms release a new game or something?

EDIT: it also seems as tho famitsu underestimated xbox sales

Danja3323d ago

great figures for the PS3 ... sales have remained consistent since the price cut .... Sony will have a great holiday seasons this year , PSP sales are pretty good also...

seems 360 got a little boost also ... PS2 still chugging along

lloyd_wonder3323d ago

The Xbox had a price cut to the Elite Sku, I believe.

SL1M DADDY3323d ago

MS must have had a big boost in sales there... They are killing the PS2!


ThanatosDMC3323d ago

Mass Effect on steam is $10 for the weekend. Buy it if you havent on PC.

deeznuts3323d ago

If a 360 has a price cut in Japan and nobody buys it, is it still a price cut?

sikbeta3323d ago

You Guys are Awesome, make me lol so hard


-Come on, Come on, reload the page, I need to make an article, "in Japan xbox outsold..." no damn is too ridiculous, I have to post the truth this time, but I'll have my chance to spin the truth....Muahahha!!! muahahahaha!!!

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KINGKON513323d ago


LittleBigSackBoy3323d ago

And PSP first in handhelds :)

Dragun6193323d ago

It surprises me that PS3 still remains the Top selling console even when the Wii got a price cut and Monster Hunter 3,the PS3 still manages to remain on top.

I'm guessing the Wii fad is coming to an end.

SixZeroFour3323d ago

true, but you also have to think to yourself, how many units have nintendo wii sold now compared to think that the formerly "only-wii" owners are now buying the ps3 because of the price drop, but not as many families/poeple left without a wii

not trying to make it a spin, im just amazed that the wii i sstill selling as much as it is given how many have already been sold there

hakis863323d ago

when NPD figures are out?

PirateThom3323d ago

Usually around the middle of the month, next Thursday maybe?

sikbeta3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

"im just amazed that the wii i sstill selling as much as it is given how many have already been sold there"

Isn't that because of the price cut?

wii is a family product, so there is no doubt it sell, now is the chance of the gamers and gaming newcomers who got a wii and now go for the PS3

SixZeroFour3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

yea, what im saying is the wii has been selling like that from teh get go while the ps3 hasnt been doing too good because of its former price, but now since there is a price cut for the ps3 it too has been selling like hot cakes, but the wii is still there along side it...apart from the surge of the first couple of weeks, i honestly thought the ps3 would be selling close to 50k+ every week to catch up to the wii's total sales in japan cause there are still so many potential ps3 owner from how many have bought the wii

anyways...its good that the ps3 is now getting into the homes of many japan families, id get one as soon as the make some kind of 360/ps3 controller converter

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eagle213323d ago

360 fans...don't look. :)

bjornbear3323d ago

you saying to sales-whorez outselling the PS2 in Japan isn't something to motivate them for the comming week of their lives?

You're crazy man, just crazy.

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