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XboxEvolved writes: "Earlier this year Activision announced DJ Hero, a new rhythm game in the Hero franchise that would take a new path in the rhythm genre. Instead of using a guitar, vocals, or drums the main feature is a turntable. I remember some who said it would be a rip off of Konami's Beatmania and others were skeptical of how the game would play.

After playing the demo in Gamestop before the game was released, I was becoming very skeptical. Then late last week I got the game and gave it a fair shot. Although I'm not a big fan of the style of music, I am a sucker for rhythm games and was soon sucked into DJ Hero."

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Blaze9293329d ago

I really just want to give this game a test run. I think I'll check my Best Buy to see if they have it out.

ProA0073329d ago

I got to try it out at Gamestop that one day they had them out; was pretty cool but I wouldnt spend money on this game.

Blaze9293329d ago

ha true...I don't want to buy it - doubt i'd like it that much. Just would like to give it a go

JasonXE3329d ago

just wait for DJ Hero 2 -_-

AridSpider3329d ago

you know, alot of reviews have been saying that like there really will be a DJ Hero 2...of course there might be knowing Activision but still; pretty sad when you can EXPECT a sequel and be so sure about it.

solar3329d ago

i played it a bit at BB and it was actually pretty cool. i didnt like the slider that much, would like to have more resistance in it and the turn table. id never spend the money for the setup, but if someone ELSE had it id gladly play it :D especially some Daft Punk tracks

D3adcell3329d ago

The slider definitely takes some getting used to. Though you don't have to slide it all the way over, so you can make a slight move to the right and it will count. I found that to be the easiest way to play.

El_Colombiano3329d ago


Comment of the day for me hahahaha.

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D3adcell3329d ago

It's worth $120 if you are really into Rhythm games or the music style and interested in music games. I am having a lot of fun with it. Brings something new to the genre.

Redempteur3329d ago

"The game doesn't track your career progress by difficulty but by stars and it is impossible to fail out of a song."

What's the point with a music game where you can't fail ???
The last one to do this was ....wii music ...

no failure is kinda stupid IMO

D3adcell3329d ago

It is kind of stupid. Though at the same time, by now I am used to tracking how well you do by the stars you earn and if you get a 1 star on something, you obviously know you need to get better at it. To unlock certain things you are going to have to 5 star every song on hard or expert. But yeah would probably be better if they had no fail as an option instead of always on.

3329d ago
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