GTA IV Opening Trunks

According to a news post on, GTAIV may give players the ability to utilize car trunks for storage. Or maybe for Bodies? Guns? Who knows!?! But this is still cool information surfacing for this highly anticipated game.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3832d ago

so GTA4 should be no different. :)

AppleSlime3832d ago

getting in someone's trunk, stuffing someone in your trunk, and so on. All classic crime film actions.

gta_cb3831d ago

yep, i am liking every bit of news about GTA IV so far =D

Dr Pepper3831d ago

I don't know, I was disappointed that they aren't including planes or another area besides the city (cop chases out in the woods on GTA SA were awesome). However, I got more confidence in the game when I read an article saying that it's possible to climb up fire escapes and jump from building to building. That would be very cool for chases as well.

Danielson3832d ago

Yeah i can also see how be implemented into the game nicely
I could see how you could also keep some weapons in there and if you die or get "busted" you could go back to you car and get the weapons that you put in there back, but then again i tend to cheat like a madman in GTA games (u do to don't deny

BitbyDeath3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

sweet, i wonder if i can fill the back of a ute up full of bodies then drive it over a cliff... good times

gta_cb3831d ago

.... your scaring me.... lol

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