IGN: How Sony Can Save the PSPgo

The latest addition to the PlayStation Portable family, the PSPgo, hit North American retailers in October with Japanese markets following this week. While reports of the domestic release have been varied and official sales statistics have yet to be released, news out of Japan this week further compound suspicions that the handheld is off to a slow start.

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mephman3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I doesn't need saving? It's an alternative, not a replacement and it's sales haven't actually been that bad considering.

ShawnCollier3298d ago

Yeah, it's like the DSi LL --- another choice if you want it. It's not like the UMD versions are going away anytime soon (aka PSP-4000).

Saaking3297d ago

So now that PS3 is taking off, they've got now choice but to start the PSPgo is doomed articles? IGN is pathetic these days.

Lifendz3297d ago

It's not a replacement for the PSP. It's not the PSP that current PSP owners have to run out and get. It's an option for someone yet to get a PSP. It's competitor is probably the Iphone. Sheesh people.

buckethead_9113297d ago

In my honest opinion, Sony dont care about the PSPgo. I think they released it just so that people could buy original PSP games from the Playstation Network and that take cares of the BC in the PSP2 when Sony release it coz it probably wont use UMD. For a lot of people anyway.

Kassanova073297d ago

Saving? PSP Go is an alternative and all current worthy UMDs will eventually end up in the PSN store. IGN you FAILED.

Sarcasm3297d ago

It's like the PS3 all over again. The thing holding the PSPgo is it's price.

I really want one for the size, but still cant justify $249 or around $280 after tax.

NeoBasch3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

IGN, I'm sorry, but this just doesn't make any sense. Here let me help you. In one region alone, the PSP Go sold 29,000 units in one week (latest), that's not even counting the other 35,000 regular units sold that very same week. The PSP brand as a whole is starting to pull DS numbers, if anything Sony should try to push more 1st Party titles for the system. We have enough for PS3; share some love Sony.

Strange how the PS3 is starting to pull Wii numbers and PSP DS numbers, but I like it. PSP as a whole just needs more games.

Again, I wouldn't call that failing. This is nothing but blatant yellow journalism.

raztad3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Sony will prove the doubters wrong yet again. As always some morons here and there with a keyboard think they know more about the videogame business than Sony.

The PSPgo is just the testbed for the dlc only model. This model has been working illegally for years, first as a way to get media content over the web, and later it was officially adopted by Apple with iPod with incredible success. Sony is trying to position the pspgo as the ipod of videogames.

The only thing I see playing against Sonys goal is the elevated price of legal digital copies of games. No retails, no physical media, should translate in attractive savings to consumers, still Amazon has GTA:CTW $36.99 and PSN in $39.99. It doesnt make sense.

Rock Bottom3297d ago

The pspgo needs to die, bring the 4000.

rockleex3297d ago

Only includes its FIRST DAY SALES.

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gamingisnotacrime3297d ago

How can it, when the UMD enabled 3000 is almost a $100 less. Im loving my PSP Go, so thx Sony for taking the risk

lol IGN are the same ignorants that wrote article after article explaining how the PS3 is doomed, or mistakes made by Sony etc etc, now they picked on the PSP Go

What a pathetic "major" web site

n4gn4gn4gn4g3297d ago

it is $179.99 shipping included at

You must be a TD Canada Trust Visa user.

Just bought mine.


FwanK3297d ago


The PSP Go is selling like hotcakes

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