IGN: Broken Home: An Examination

A noble failure? A work in progress? Or is it something much bigger than people anticipated? Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's London Studio had a grand vision: to create a unique social portal that goes a large step beyond Miis and Avatars, bordering on something like Second Life. Of course, with lofty ambition comes user expectation and sometimes a painful reality check.

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ubiquitious3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

It's yet another great idea by Sony with plenty of potential but no real substance that will be taken by Microsoft and transformed into something amazing.

Home and the eyetoy are complete failures, but they are the first step in some awesome gaming tech by Microsoft.

Anon19743329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I expected a bit of a bashing, but IGN offers up some real good ideas in home. Virtual pets as a reason to visit the ole apartment is a step in the right direction - but IGN is right. If I've got a virtual dragon living at home, I'd be throwing it other virtual pets almost on a daily basis!

To the guy above How exactly are the Eye Toy and Home failures? Home is free and has actually been making cash via the micro transactions for some time now and last I checked there was nothing wrong with the Eye Toy. Hell, Eye pet just released. I'm sure that'll move some Eye Toy's this Christmas season.

As for Microsoft expanding on those ideas, do you know something I don't? Last I checked, Microsoft tried to copy the Mii's and I'm not really sure what the point of that was, and let's face it, Natal really doesn't do anything the Eye Toy couldn't from what we've seen so far. Except be more expensive.

LiquifiedArt3329d ago

and will NEVER buy one.

Avatars are acutally a GREAT thing. They give you a personality, some customization and best of all THEY ARE FREAKIN STYLIZED!!! Not wannabe real-life.

I'll tell you what. Take HOME INJECT some Dungeons and Dragons and BOOM instant success. Heck just take Ultima Online (in its original form) and make that HOME. You'd have a winner.

LiquifiedArt3329d ago

It lacks direction. 100%

Whoever is in charge is very confused and it shows.

Make it more Game-Centric. Give us Pokemon style dueling, where everyone has a pet, give it a style and atmosphere that its a "fictional" world not a bland regurgitation of real life, where 20 year old males hook up wiht 15 year old females.

Its very dissapointing. I've even spent a bit of money in Home, but its not choesive enough, I've acutally just deleted it. And why is everything a HUB? Make it a seamless virtual world, give it a landscape, an actual spacial system. Make the user's feel like its al iving breathing world, not a hub to hub advertisement.

Bleh. Very dissapointed. You can tell Sony isn't fully commited to it and the designers/project leads, haven't got a clue. All they know is "we need to advertise". Which will ultimately be its down fall.