Activision "not overly concerned" by Modern Warfare 2 PC complaints

Activision has said that it is not overly concerned by complaints that the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will not support dedicated servers.

The game will instead us IWnet, a new propriety matchmaking service – a decision that has caused outrage in the PC gaming community and prompted over 183,000 to sign an online petition calling for dedicated servers for the game.

"We're of course watching this very carefully and paying attention to it, but we're not overly concerned about it," stated Mike Griffiths, CEO of Activision.

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Greywulf3326d ago

Yeah.. well thanks to your PC attitude, I'm not buying the console version either :).

I could care less if millions of other people do it, I dont get spit on as a consumer of a product and smile back.

NaiNaiNai3326d ago

Oh thank god, Now I have to deal with one less person I don't like online.


Parapraxis3326d ago

Yeah, but unfortunately we at N4G still have to see you online here NaiNaiNai.

Anyhow, on topic.
I wasn't planning on picking up MW2 for a while anyways, and if and when I do it'll be used. Going to try out the BFBC2 beta if I can, and then I may cross MW2 off my list all together.

LittleBigSackBoy3326d ago

Like you was going to buy the PS3 version anyway...?

kikicub3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I was seriously looking forward to getting this. I would have been the first COD title I've owned/played; not counting the [email protected] demo on the PS3 I tried, and enjoyed. But considering I would have bought both the PS3 version and the PC version, I am extremely happy they leaked the no-dedicated-servers-no-consol e-no-leaning-and-no-modding early because I went with KZ2.

As Greywulf said, I honestly don't care if it still sells a gazillion copies. 2 less copies on my end is enough. Oh, and when friends/family call me to ask for an opinion about it, I will make sure they do not get it.

The Tour Man3326d ago

There's a simple solution to that. simply click the negative bubble button like i did and nobody will see Nai's comments thus making n4g one less idiot

badz1493326d ago

latest earning shows that they made 35% revenue out of $703m from consoles and PC was less than 5%! although MMO brought in about 43%, that's another story! so...if you're Kotick, what will you do? release one game with similar features on all platforms and earn more or keep releasing the "best" version for a platform with less than 5% earning?

for the record, I'm all for the boycott, hate or anything negative for AV and all for advancement in gaming! I hate them and will never ever buy any game from then ever again but I think I can understand their attitude!

NaiNaiNai3326d ago

The Tour Man - Just a heads up. XD that means your one of 99 people. Way to jump on board the hate wagon. ;)

Marcello3326d ago

I am sure someone has spiked the watercoolers at IW & Activision, they are talking such utter bollox !!

Before the news broke about no dedi servers, everyone in my clan plus other clans i know & the general public on our server were so geared for this game that if you said anything negatieve about it you were laughed at. Now that has totally changed, we even have boycott MW2 in our server name as do many other servers.

If i was you Activision i would be extremely concerned, there is a mass of hate out there for you guys right now the like`s i have never seen.

Your names are now MUD !!

Nihilism3325d ago


there's no hate wagon, everything you write is annoying to the point of offense, i went to click negative feedback, but the button was greyed out from the last time you wrote something stupid

paul03883325d ago

They're going to gross $1 billion from console sales, so why listen to the audience that put them in that position in the first place?

You're pathetic Infinity Ward...

TotalPS3Fanboy3325d ago

but to pirate MW2.

"Take that!" says the PC gamers.

sikbeta3325d ago

Obviously Activision is not concerned, probably are cleaning their @$$€$ with the money of the PC community right now

Pirated Activision games FTW

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Gandalf3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

In short, "As long as we get your money, we don't care."

Pandamobile3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

PC gamers aren't retarded, Activision. If you've played pretty much ANY PC FPS in the last 15 years you would have seen a server browser.

Honestly, how hard is it to load the game, open the server browser, search by whatever criteria you want (by map, players, ping, game mode, mods, hardcore, etc) and find a good server to play in?

Once you join that server, are you having a good time? Are the players friendly? Do you have a good connection to the server? Yes? Then add it to your list of favourite servers and come back to it time and time again. That's one of the staples of PC gaming. A tight-knit community. Something that matchmaking and console gaming has never really allowed.

No self-respecting PC gamer should even consider purchasing Modern Warfare 2. If you're a console gamer, and you feel that IW/Activision are just walking all over their customers, then stand with us. Don't buy this game. If you still really want the game, rent it, buy it used, PIRATE IT. Just don't give them your hard-earned $60 just to spit in your face.

End rant.

Oh, and here's a list of stuff Call of Duty 4 had that Modern Warfare 2 does not:

PirateThom3326d ago

I was already boycotting Activision anyway, but, this is just annoying more than it really should.

I have no reason to get annoyed since I don't care about the game, but hell, even their attitude "we don't care" is sickening.

Fishy Fingers3326d ago

Panda, you might want to check out the latest news on RAGE :(

You aren't going to like it.

Pandamobile3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Oh. Honestly, Rage doesn't seem like the kind of game that really needs dedicated servers. I really didn't know it was a multiplayer game beside maybe co-op or something.

But for something like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Source engine games, dedicated servers are pretty much a requirement for good online play.

Fishy Fingers3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )


Edit: Yeah for sure, Rage can probably get away without them, but what worries me is DOOM further down the line.

Saaking3326d ago

PS3 and PC owners don't take less and stay quiet. We demand quality.

nolifeking3326d ago

As vocal as pc gamers are, I really don't think enough of them will do the right thing and avoid the game. It's sad, but it seems people rather forget any principles they may have and jump on the COD bandwagon because their friends are plying it.

Sarcasm3326d ago

Honestly I think Activision is just waiting for the game to come out next week and see how the sales really are. I'm pretty sure if the PC version still end up selling to their projected target, they aren't going to give a hoot about dedicated servers.

TheBand1t3326d ago

I was never planning on purchasing it anyway. I've always been more of a Battlefield diehard.

Operation Cleansweep and Operation Harvest (AF pack) were probably my most favorite maps when I wasn't playing AIX or PoE2.

evrfighter3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

If you're a console gamer be it ps3 or 360. Consider this. You will be stuck with matchmaking online gaming for many years to come. For many consoles to come. if you don't speak up. 64 man servers becoming the de facto standard in fps gaming. Gaming with no lag or no ping advantage. you guys should be at this level already!

PC gamers as of right now have provided you the perfect opportunity to have more. MUCH more. In some ways this can be considered the perfect storm. The Entire GAMING industry is watching to see how this plays out and it won't be for the best interest of us gamers. There probably won't be another chance like this again to speak your mind.

Where does it all start you ask? how do you speak up?

your wallets.

It starts with your wallet.

Megaton3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Heh, I had already planned on avoiding anything related to Activison before this PC stuff, particularly because of Bobby Kotick's numerous statements and the fact that they raised the console price of MW2 in Europe (even though I'm an American). All this mess with the PC version was just extra.

Everything they've been doing lately is damaging overall to us as gaming consumers. Unfortunately, millions of zombies are already lubed up and waiting with their pre-orders, and will always be like that no matter what happens.

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MetalGearRising3326d ago

Ignore the pc crowd that's what i would do.

Delta3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I agree with you. I don't care about PC gaming. Only cause my PC can't play games past 2005.

Sunny_D3326d ago

Ignore the 360 fanboy, that's what I do.

HolyOrangeCows3326d ago

With all of your "exclusives"

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