Weekly Analysis – Slow start for Tekken, Wii leads hardware

Weekly Analysis – Slow start for Tekken, Wii leads hardware

Tekken 6 sells nearly 450,000 copies in week one, Wii remains the top hardware as PS3 outsells Xbox360 by 54% in the weekly chart for 25th - 31st October 2009

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You Already Know3324d ago

ironically the ps3 outsold the 360 by what the 360's failure rate used to be...before they calmed the madness...

this must be an omen of some sorts...or I might be impersonating a fanboy!?

Jamie Foxx3324d ago

.the omens are upon us its a sign i tell you....A SIGN ;)

MAiKU3324d ago

Hahaha! sarah palin 2012! The ultimate Omen!

That's actually quite the clever comment you made there, applauds.

xoxideu3324d ago

I think there is a correlation here.

Lifendz3324d ago

I'll remain consistent in my distrust of VGchartz. that said, I expect Sony to keep on outselling the 360 through the rest of the year. Unless the Wal-mart type deal becomes the norm, or MS makes Live free, I don't see 360 outselling PS3. Nintendo may also fall to second on a regular basis now. It's an exciting time for gamers as all these companies are fighting tooth and nail to get our dollar.

himdeel3324d ago

...also like others have said what is their reference point for the statistics they give on the increase? Come on!?

xoxideu3324d ago

this and halo on blu-ray


Saaking3324d ago

54% hahahaha, funny number ain't it? Anyways, the 360 really has lost ALL of it's advantages. It's time for the PS3 to shine.

Jamegohanssj53324d ago

I wish it was true, but lol VGChartz.


40cal3324d ago

Good news, I own both platforms and love highly polished games.

3324d ago
Tinted Eyes3324d ago

Vgchartz is crap, it was completely wrong on the Halo numbers and its wrong about PS3 numbers.

gunnerforlife3324d ago

100 million the 360 needs to sell in order to outsell the ps2:)

badz1493324d ago

just don't take it THAT seriously!

XxZxX3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

a site that mistrack one consoles by 2 millions is not a good site at all. like they said, for entertainment purposes only

sikbeta3324d ago

The Irony or maybe is the karma lol

ABizzel13324d ago

Tekken was a big let down. The beat em up campaign sucks, having to beat the beat em up campaign to get characters to beat their story mode sucks, long load times suck, people being allowed to drop out of ranked online matches suck, paying 2 million dollars for a ponytail or having to buy the same shirt just to get a different color sucks, cheap boss characters suck, and so much more.

The main fighting aspect of Tekken 6 is great as always, but there are just way too many problems with it to be considered a must buy.

TotalPS3Fanboy3324d ago

"Tekken was a big let down."

Hey, what did you expect? That's what happen when Namco wasted their time with a 360 version too, instead of focusing on making one version. Namco divided their resources so thin that Tekken 6 never had a chance.

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swiftshot933324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

huh. PS3 gamers really like those Fighting games. Either that or people with multiple consoles just chose the PS3 version...

Edit: 250k for Forza is solid, Ratchet should be better than 100k though. That game deserves to be around 250-300k. Still though Im sure it'll do better when the marketing starts picking up.

Also WOW @ Borderlands, I thought that was going to flop in sales. I myself would buy the game cause it looks awesome, but my hands are already tied with too many games.

bmw693324d ago

Better d-pad I guess!

djfullshred3324d ago

yup, the classic PS controller layout works great for these kinds of games.

Sarcasm3324d ago

Well the Tekken franchise has always been associated with Playstation. So it had better sell more on PS3 IMO.

Tempestwing3324d ago

Going to be an intresting holiday. Also great read!

bmw693324d ago

Some huge, huge games on the way - you have to figure that Modern Warfare 2 will swing things back in 360s favour somewhat.

FwanK3324d ago

Of course, its the only game you guys have this holiday ;)

calis3324d ago

"you have to figure that Modern Warfare 2 will swing things back in 360s favour somewhat. "

A multi-plat, I don't think it will sway it that much.

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Fishy Fingers3324d ago

Good news for Sony, since the price cut and a slight marketing push they've been on a roll. Not surprised with Tekken though, sadly the game just hasnt seemed to have progressed.

Just a note though, had it been the other way around and the headline had been changed to reflect that something tells me it wouldnt of been approved in that state.