5 Ways To Improve The Xbox 360

There's no denying the fact that the Xbox 360 is the most popular system amongst hardcore gamers. Yet, the Xbox 360 still lacks some features the other two home consoles contain. To combat this lack of features, Microsoft has done extensive work to add non-game related features to its system by performing a full over haul of the system's dashboard. By adding Avatars and easier to use menus, Microsoft is keeping itself in the fight to stay relevant. Yet, are they doing enough to keep gamers happy or could they do more to finally make the Xbox 360 the true center of home entertainment?

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ipwnall3324d ago

I can think of 500. First one: Exterminate it from existence.

Saaking3324d ago

They'd need to completed scrap the 360. They SHOULD HAVE RECALLED it back when the problems started instead of ignoring the problems and customer complaints.

oilahize3324d ago

The best way to improve the 360 is to time travel back to R&D days for Microsoft and have them make a reliable console.

MSpence5163324d ago

The reason we will never see a web browser on the 360 is because like the article said, with a browser there would be no need for facebook or twitter apps.

MS isn't adding these apps for free. Facebook and twitter paid for this different level of accesibility. If MS adds a browser, they will essentially be cutting out possible future income.

With that said I doubt we will see a browser on MS's next console.