Den Of Geek: Tales Of Monkey Island: The Trial And Execution Of Guybrush Threepwood

Den of Geek writes: "After the impressive episode three of the Monkey Island Tales series, I had high hopes for this continuation, and thankfully, I've not been disappointed, as this is the best episode yet.

First, a quick, and spoiler-tainted recap, just in case the month away from Mr Threepwood has caused a pox-like smog to cloud your memory. Episode three saw Threepwood and Morgan LeFlay get swallowed up by a giant manatee, and, in the style only Guybrush could manage, they escaped the bowels of the sea mammal, eventually helping it find a mate in the great manatee mating grounds. These grounds also just so happened to be the resting place of Le Sponge Grande, only the sponge wasn't exactly as grand as Guybrush hoped."

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