Telegraph: Aliens vs Predator Preview

Telegraph writes: "Ten years after its original offering, Rebellion are back to give the Alien vs Predator game franchise the next gen, HD overhaul it always deserved. Set thirty years after the events of the Alien 3 movie, the game is based around the marine colonisation of the jungle planet BG – 386. The setting promises to cater for stages set both in classic Marine space stations as well as the first Predator's jungle origins. Made up of three separate campaigns, AvP is set to be the complete experience for any self respecting sci-fi fan. I got to have a hands-on play through of the multiplayer mode which pitches Alien vs Predator vs Marine in the ultimate battle of the species. Set to make contact on the 19th of January next year, here is a brief rundown of each of the three species we'll be getting to grips with."

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