PlayTm: Machinarium Review

There was a time when theory-based point-and-click adventures were held in the same esteem as the triple-A, guns and explosion-laden affairs that are loved so dearly now. Now, however, games that are 'uneventful', but thoughtful and amiable are often seen as a quirky peripheral element, and remain insignificant to juggernaut publishers. Its a patronising punch in the face to gamers and independent developers alike. Then again, it does something for quality assurance because it is more likely than not that any point-and-click game that does see the light of day is likely to be worth more than just your fleeting attention. Games like Machinarium are difficult to make, and perhaps that's self-evident, considering Grim Fandango, released almost 11 years to the day, remains the last great success for the genre.

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