Why does Uncharted 2 have to be… so lame?

A look at the stark narrative, but lovely everything else in the PS3 hit Uncharted 2.

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Gandalf3326d ago

Nowhere near as lame as this article.

Julie3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

You know i am not a fan of any system , but i do hate these articles that write nonsense just to get hits. I find Uncharted 2 narrative fantastic this website seems an amateur attempt to create flame wars and to get hits. I know now not to get near ever ! avoid it at all costs! D:

Here some quotes so you guys/girls can have an idea:

"God… the storyline for this is f*cking s*it isn’t it?"
"Why is it so generic?"
"it has a nothing, throwaway-like story".
"It has no story. Face it. Stop bumming the glossy finish"
"I was prepared for this barrage of insults"

DavidMacDougall3326d ago

This article might as well have please give me hits writing on it.

Saaking3325d ago

Lame is the last word I'd use to describe UC2.

Trebius3325d ago

Saying the storyline for Gears of War is AMAZING.

jammy_703325d ago

DIS ON the BEST game this gen!!!

morganfell3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I no longer click any of their links. Not because of this article, no not at all. But for past articles where they have already proven themselves to be an ever increasing 'wannabe part of the industry' farce.

The minute their upstart website didn't become IGN they went off the deep end. Look, they're the Jerry Springer of unknown websites.

And this article isn't just lam. It needs to be reported as Spam. If there was ever a can of Spam that was nothing but Flamebait, this is it.

Darkstorn3325d ago

Uncharted 2's story is not lame, but it's no philosophical treatise either, so you can't say it has a particularly GREAT story. It has a Hollywood blockbuster feel to it, and that's how it was meant to be - there's nothing wrong with that. UC2's story may not be DEEP, but it sure as hell is EXCITING.

morganfell3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )


Yes and they have ground it down to the handle. Those have to be the most frustrated bunch of tweens in the world that stay up and write this tripe.

@1.4 - Because "PS3 is teh doomed" articles no longer fly.

Information Minister3325d ago

Are we so used to brain dead, testosterone induced story lines that we can no longer accept anything even slightly different?

SullyDrake3325d ago

It's just not worth the hits. N4Gers who are scrolling the comments before the jump, if you actually get to my comment, don't even hit the jump. Not worth it. You'll feel like knocking his teeth out. He's the kind of egotistical and attention-craving moron we need less of it our lives.

Instead, turn on your PS3, and enjoy the majesty that is Uncharted 2. =)

Xbox Avatars Shoe3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

The only thing lame in that article, was the article itself.

starvinbull3325d ago

What the writer of this article is saying is that aside from the treasure hunting bits there isn't a story.

It's like he hasn't played the game at all.

Nathan has got involved in a love triangle that forces him in every chapter to choose between his new flame and his old flame.

He meets people that help him along the way and save his life at times when you think it's all over.

At the end of the story Nathan chooses who he wants to be with and all the loose ends are tied up.

Now what I just described I think allows Uncharted 2 to be described as having more than just a get from point A to point B kind of story.

Please stop all the stupid misleading headlines.

sikbeta3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Why does this article has to be so lame?

jmare3325d ago

The author is a moron. Uncharted has always been intended to be an homage to the classic action/adventure stories from the 30s and especially the Indiana Jones series. While I can understand his point that there is nothing "original" about the story, he loses all credibility for such a flamebait title, which he acknowledges in the first sentence. Also he loses credibility for claiming Bioshock is the pinnacle of "original" storytelling. Bioshock was good, but it wasn't original; it just hadn't been seen as often.

SL1M DADDY3325d ago

With flame bait article titles like that, who even needs to bother. Just another retard journalist wannabe trying to get his lousy web site off the ground with flame bait articles. Pathetic.

mal_tez923325d ago

The storytelling is much better than in any other game. The uncharted series has proven that the line between games and movies can be crossed, and that video game characters can have a realistic feel to them.

Uncharted is NOT lame, it's storytelling and level of character depth is what all games should strive to achieve. Drake's fortune was done beautifully and the sequel exceeded it, it has become my favourite series ever in gaming.

RAZORLAND3325d ago

I loved Gears, but that was funny.

RAZORLAND3325d ago

To a vapid gamer, this might be a turn-off. Didnt click the link, dont wanna give this shmuck traffic.

SaiyanFury3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I didn't read the article as I felt the didn't deserve the hit. Lame? In exactly what way is the game lame? From it's fantastic action sequences? I'll cite dealing with the attack chopper in the Tibetan city here. For crying out loud, you're dealing with enemies with a chopper firing deadly rounds at you while you're trying to climb over ledges and get to the next rooftop. A building even collapses with you IN it, and you have to jump from it to another building through the windows. On character interaction, Chloe, Elena, and Jeff the cameraman talk to each other as you're going through the level together. Lines like, "Is it always like this with him", as enemies are constantly shooting at you, are brilliantly written and very human.

On a different topic, the graphics are extremely detailed and the DTS soundtrack is spot on and will rumble your house if you're playing the game with a home theatre. Control is first rate as well as the gun cursor follows the enemy you most recently locked onto.

That's about as far into the game as I am now. I just recently solved the huge dagger puzzle where the mouth of the statue opens for you with the mirrors. This article can claim "lame" status for Uncharted 2, but I've found everything about it lovable. From the characters, to the presentation, to the character interaction, to the action. Nothing falters. Sorry, Uncharted 2 is anything BUT lame. PlayStation: The Official Magazine called it, not just one of the best games of the year, but one of the best games of all time. I'm inclined to agree. It has a few negatives, but are far and few in between, and in no way make the game "lame". Sorry, but just the assumption that such a great game is lame, is lame in and of itself.

ultimolu3325d ago

Here we go with the hate AGAIN. -_-

morganfell3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

And let's all be aware of the people that approved this trash:

Nike (3) - 2h ago
Natsu X FairyTail (1) - 3h ago
Bzone24 (2) - 7h ago
Tomarcus (1) - 13h ago
n4f (1) - 13h ago
Pandamobile (1) - 15h ago
Chadness (1) - 15h ago

el_bandito3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

No, he doesn't look like a fanboy at all to me..LOL.

Killjoy30003325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Why does journalism based on PS3 exclusives have to be so full of....Hate?

bjornbear3325d ago

State of video game "journalism"

Give me 1 game with such impressive narrative and voice acting, and I'll pay you.

Thought so...

MegaPowa3325d ago

and go on with your lives...if you have any.

Cenobia3325d ago

I think that makes you a hypocrite.

ID IR A G 0 N3325d ago

uc2 has bad cover controls that gears laughs at. i have no idea how many times i have tried to roll out of gunfire and stuck to a wall 5 feet away (garbage). oh yeah, and uc2 has THE WORST/DUMBEST FINAL BOSS EVER

Unending Punishment3325d ago

Saaking, you're right. It IS the last word in describing Uncharted 2.


My gosh how right you are!

TotalPS3Fanboy3325d ago

that 95% of people who thinks Uncharted 2 is lame is actually very lame themselves.

The other 5% committed suicide.

Beast_Master3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Yes UC2 story is lame.. Just like... 'The Godfather' is one of the worst gangster films ever.. 'Die Hard' and 'Lethal Weapon' are crappy action films compared to 'Transformers'.. The original Saturday Night Live cast was the worst ever and no one ever made it big once they left that show.. The Mario and Zelda games are not the reason Nintendo has sold millions of consoles..Right Wingers love the gays and black people.. Bears hate honey.. Girls love it when construction workers cat call them from the site.. Child molesters hate Little Miss Beauty Pagents. Most Strippers are just trying to pay for College..

Oh maybe I just have poor taste and judgement. Maybe I tooo can be a journalist for Dualshock!!

NecrumSlavery3325d ago

Right wingers hate gays and black? You just ruined you funny comment

Elvfam5113325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Nice to see articles like this still come up

ki03653325d ago

its as lame as FDRs legs!!!

...too soon?

mythamp3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Gandalf, I'm real happy for ya, imma gonna let you finish but this article is one of the lamest of all time, OF ALL TIME!!!!

Darkstorn3325d ago

Adding in a love triangle does not give the game a good story...
Uncharted 2 is a great game with great storytelling, but can we at least agree that the actual plot is not particularly original? It's an homage to the action/adventures of old, and that's all it's shooting for. Again, if you want a philosophical treatise, go play MGS4. If you want some straightforward, consistently high quality action, then Uncharted 2 is for you.

DaTruth3325d ago

Yet the same jerks will come into the next article similar to this, but against the 360 and say; "If this were teh Uncharted 2, it will never get teh approval; Ps3 fanboys sux teh long one!"

No matter how much the PS3 articles stack up on here with their approval!

Killjoy30003325d ago

Your comment is the purest example of irony out there. So you're saying that all of these people here cannot express their opinion as well? GTFO!

tucky3325d ago

No, I think they are right ... I really feel bored playing the game even if it's visually stunning. Graphics and sounds are not everything.

Whitefox7893325d ago

MGS 4 had too much of a philosophical narrative, and now UC 2's narrative which is not so philosophical is lame? Seriously are all the things going through a 360 fanboys mind is "Durrr hurrr wen canz I shoot???". I look at Uncharted's plotline as an Indiana Jones movie (No not Temple of Doom, no not Crystal Skull! You know the [email protected] ones).

rockleex3325d ago

Report this story?

Thank you, N4G. -_-"

vickers5003324d ago

Wow, I guess nobody is allowed to have an opinion anymore unless it matches that of the N4G commenter. Any criticism brought up about any ps3 exclusive and you are quickly silenced on this web site. It kind of makes me ashamed to be a part of this site, until I remember that the forums aren't full of the brain dead mindless idiots that take up space here in the comments section.

FACTUAL evidence3324d ago

Why don't we ever see this about halo titles?....why don't we never see all the hate articles about 360 games? Oh yeah, because microsoft is allllways original!

IcarusOne3324d ago

And that's DISCUSSION.

It's funny to me how any article that flies in the face of conventional thought or opinion (i.e. Uncharted, Killzone - insert any PS3 exclusive - is sent from God) gets labeled as just wanting hits or lame or retarded. Sure, that applies to a lot of them, but not this one. Who cares if it's a small site? The writer is actually trying to generate conversation about a game aspect that is very important. Story.

He's very glowing with his compliments. He clearly loved the game. He's just calling out the laziness in the narrative, something that is obvious though never got in my way of enjoying of the game. UC2 was great. But imagine what it would have been if there'd been a story there that we cared about. Not just characters and dialogue.

Usually communities only better themselves by absorbing new thought and unconventional thinking. I suppose Morganfell and his ilk were among those who rolled their eyes when Capernicus said the sun is the center of the solar system. "Don't listen to him. He just wants attention." Thankfully, for the rest of us, people gave it to him.

Open your eyes and ears folks. Try actually listening to someone who doesn't agree with you. I promise, they're probably not doing it just to be an asshole. Most people actually believe what they say. Try to understand why.

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Chadness3326d ago

I'll re-post here what I posted on the DualShockers site: While I haven’t played Uncharted 2, I can definitely understand the concept of great dialog, great game play but mediocre story. I’ve seen it in way too many games. Does it mean the game is horrible? No, not at all.

Julie3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Oh so you never played Uncharted 2 , you have no idea what this game is about but you think it have a mediocre story?

Oh i get it! you are the same dude from who wrote that desperate nonsense flame fanboy article for hits , welcome to my ignore list! :)

1 rabid fanboy less for me pheww =)

Chadness3326d ago

I do indeed love it when people try to put words in my mouth. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

I did say that I understood the concept that the author of the article was trying to get across, did I not? That concept plagues more games than just Uncharted 2. I can almost guarantee if he wrote the article as a general statement against any game that had such narrative issues, people wouldn't be giving it such a fuss, but oh no, don't name games specifically or the fanboys will come out of the woodwork and gobble you up for dinner in all their nerd rage!

I have a feeling half these comments come from people who didn't even read the story - they saw the title and had a hissy fit. It would be nice to get some civilized discussion here, for once, how is that hard to do?

paul03883326d ago

You haven't played Uncharted 2, but you approved this article??? Wow, you have fanboy written all over you, because if you did play it, you wouldn't have approved it, you would have reported it...

Nike3325d ago


I haven't played it, but approved this story since it didn't conflict with the guidelines. And Dualshockers is hardly some "no-name blog". If you love the game so much, and truly believe it deserves the credit it gets, then you won't try to censor any negative opinions that come up about it, no matter how "Lame" they may be.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3325d ago

these guys are definitely no Hip Hop Gamer!

Sarcasm3325d ago

"While I haven’t played Uncharted 2"

There's no need for a civil discussion when that phrase alone shows how much your opinion is downright ignorant.

mastiffchild3325d ago

Exactly sarcasm. Not having played the game AND then approving this tripe means you must have an alterior motive(or are unfortunate enough to know the fool who wrote this tripe-someone who clearly hasn't played many games recently seeing as one of the very best narratives and acting performances in recent memory is "lame" to him while other games with awful or lacking stories that are also acted badly go unchallenged. Games I like like Gears(1 and 2), Halo(2 and 3),RE5, Prototype-even inFAMOUS have stories and acting well below the level of U2 and I'm not even bringing up the woeful dialogue in ODST!)and you must admit that.

If you haven't played it you're in a position of total ignorance about the subject-but you aren't about the well known fact that games aren't written by Chekov, or are you labouring under the misconception that they are written by some hidden cabal of the world's greatest living and dead writers? D'you think Shakespeare and Sallinger are holed up somewhere working their nails to the bone for Epic or EA? Do you imahine that the game about Dante's Inferno was actually written by Dante?

That you come here and defend approving through ignorance(and I can only assume through misguided hatred of a game on a system you don't favour getting some deserved praise)is laughable and makes you look a little slow if I'm honest.

"I haven't played the game but I can approve this because I know the kind of thing he's driving at", what? Then approve a piece about the normally crap state of games and their stories and not about ne of the few to buck the trend written by someone with a clear axe to grind as lumping yourselves in with his nonsense makes you twice as ignorant."I only thought it was fair for different opinions thanhe norm to be approved". Did you? Did you really? Sorry, but I don't believe that for a second. Why would anyne align themselves with a controversial opinion about a widely respected game when they haven't played it to get their own? MMm? Maybe, again, because they haven't played it because they don't have/like the PS3? Or, even sadder, because they want to upset those that did enjoy it(around 99% of those who played the game btw)?

Honestly, I've never read such a weak defense of approving such a lame, hit seeking article. Dualshockers are always ragging on the PS3 anyway and deserve nothing but scorn for their continued bias and the indelible stain of pi55 they left on gaming journalism on this occasion.

"I didn't play it but I approved this." Classic. COULDN'T.MAKE.IT.UP.

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MisterMarston3326d ago


How is this a flame article!? It boasts in the very first line 'I love this game'.

I wrote it. I've played it and I enjoyed it.

However it's 100% true that they neglected the storyline and opted for the cop-out, generic babble that we see in every action adventure movie/game!


Julie3326d ago

You don't love this game you just need hits on your website:

"God… the storyline for this is f*cking s*it isn’t it?"
"Why is it so generic?"
"it has a nothing, throwaway-like story".
"It has no story. Face it. Stop bumming the glossy finish"
"I was prepared for this barrage of insults"

All are your words flamebait obvious rabid fanboy :)

PD: even N4G was warning me of your bad words while i was pasting them here sad really sad

HDgamer3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I'm sorry but why in the hell is everything well almost everything completely or horribly misspelled along with kindergarten level grammar? The article is pathetic in various standards, not only from the obvious biased opinion of claiming you've loved and played the game from stating the story is lame. If this story is lame then so is gears 2, Ninja gaiden 2, halo 3, killzone 2, Mass effect and many more games. Telling us the general public would rather pay for a cliche game. Well the general public would rather pay for a 60.00 priced tag expansion especially when Bungie specifically stated it as an expansion. L4D2 which is the same game as the first, Army of two a game we all have paid for and was ripped off for. Just pathetic actually.

ActionBastard3325d ago

Welcome to every form of entertainment available. It's

Erotic Sheep3325d ago

This article is pathetic. If you really need hits on your lousy website, post some porn vids but dont scream out bs when Uncharted 2 has been praised by many reviewers of its fantastic storyline.

Baka-akaB3325d ago

This isnt about uncharted 2 , the feeling would be the same with a title i hate , or any platforme exclusive ... it's about the sheer stupidity behind the article and the people approving it :

-lame hit fishing title sure to bring people onboard "WHyyy XXXX SUX/is lame" that probably got nothing to do with the actual article .

What is wrong with people ? Then i wonder what is wrong with you !!

If toothpaste was a more touchy or popular subject, and you needed to post an article over the congress , by your silly logic you would write something like "Why the Congress hate toothpaste ?" and then in the very first line write "dont worry congress actually got nothing against toothpaste and this isnt the actual subject " ?????

How deep and pullitzer worthy indeed . And you got the gall and nerves to actually defend it .

That's no journalism , that's not editorialism , that's just desperate fishing for hits and sensasionalism . hence why you've lost quite a few of us on the title alone , regardless of the quality of the content .

bjornbear3325d ago

You wrote an article down playing a strong story.

As stories go, its quite strong for an action genre.

I read a lot of fiction novels, and watch A LOT of movies (movie buffness =D), and I'm a sucker for good stories.

When it comes to video games my standards are naturally set a little lower.

One of my favorite video game stories of all time is SoTC, even though I managed to predict a change of plot at the end of the game right at the start (it looked too trivial for an Ico Team game plot).

Why? Not because it was (undoubtedly in relation to novel stories) cliché.

But because of how it was STRUCTURED.

The main strength of a story isn't how cliché it isn't, but how its told.

U2's story is told VERY well, and I very much enjoyed the way the ending played out.

I knew how it was going to end, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a good story. It just didn't have a strong PLOT.

Next time, back up your argument a little more strongly, because the whole article itself is CLICHÉ.

Darkstorn3325d ago

I hate to say it, but Mass Effect's story is better than Uncharted 2's IMO. The philosophies of ancient alien races beat out a Hollywood-style action/adventure/drama any day of the week.

DaTruth3325d ago

This is from a book written 3000yrs ago that still holds true today: "There is nothing new under the sun."

Try finding a plot line that has never been used a thousand times in one of the billion+ stories ever told.


jayblings3324d ago

Your headline is written in such a way that people have to click through to see what it has to say. Why does Uncharted 2 have to be… so lame? Why did you put ".." in the headline? So you could get hits on your website. Just remember hits don't equal respect. You want respect how about you just make the headline "Uncharted 2 is Lame" No you wouldn't do that cause then nobody would click to see your article. Good luck making it in the industry..Your gonna need it.

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MisterMarston3326d ago

I don’t understand why you’re criticizing a deeper analysis into the game than you get with most writers?

You take things at face value Julie. It looks pretty and plays nice - therefore you’ve got to stay loyal and defend it? What if I think it looks pretty and plays nice - but has a balls story? Is my opinion suddenly not valid?

You’re playing a cliche. But you’re too dumb enough to accept it.

Julie3326d ago

Yes call me dumb i don't really care, you are trying to play like you are not a rabid fanboy , look at this nonsense title:

"Why does Uncharted 2 have to be… so lame?"

That is called a flamebait title from an unknown site that desperately need hits, next time use a proper title , have a nice day and welcome to my ignore list Chadness alter account :)

ginganinja3325d ago

I don't think i've seen anyone try and pass it off as a literary masterpiece, but have said that 'for a videogame' it is very good - which is starting from a very low level.
Should they be criticised for having a story that's been done before or praised for doing it better and in a very entertaining way.
Personally, it one of the few games recently that i've not skipped through the cutscenes.
Sorry, but not every piece of entertainment needs some deeper meaning and try and question parts of your own life... it can be good dumb fun and be just as satisfying.

ultimolu3325d ago

...What deeper analysis? Going by your logic, all the games that came out must be generic too.