Halo Legends Blu-ray dated Feb. 9, 2010; perfect fanboy storm approaches

Joystiq: A year ago, the following sentence would have been absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable: The Blu-ray edition of the Halo Legends anime project is scheduled for release on February 9, 2010. The impossible union of Halo and Blu-ray will not only arrive on the same day as the DVD release, but it will also contain an exclusive overview of the series through the events of Halo 3. As risibly puts it, "Soon you'll be able to play Halo on your PS3."

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WildArmed3298d ago

lol.. I just dont see the relationship between bluray version of halo legends and fanboys going crazy =/

Everything has a bluray version now -.-

Godmars2903298d ago

You're missing the double irony of PS3 fanboys buying, or saying they bought, the BR and waving the fact in 360 fanboys faces. the sh*tstorm that will result.

Bnet3433298d ago

I don't think Halo fans will care if there's a BR version or not, it's a movie, not a game.

rockleex3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Including playing Halo on Bluray in 1080p. :P

WildArmed3298d ago

lol i thought irony was too hard for fanboys to comprehend.

Chubear3298d ago

Halo on the PS3. Didn't think I'd see it this gen but there it is. Wow. lol

Cenobia3298d ago

"Everything has a bluray version now"

....except one thing.... >:D


Fencefry3298d ago

"it's a movie, not a game."
oicwatudidthar xD

badz1493297d ago

what is so hard about accepting a movie on BD? 360 games won't see the light of the day on BD - FINE! PS3 owners can watch Halo anime on BD - also FINE! see? no need to flame or anything!

sikbeta3297d ago

I don't know WTF is going on that site, over using sarcasm in every article and posting articles not related to Playstation, pointing out everything in the article that make it sound really bad, is like a good way to get hits with "sarcasm" bashing in disguise articles everywhere

You can't say you like a console over another, because you are accused as a fanboy, you can't contradict an article made by Joystiq or you will get accused as a troll, is like everyone trying to act smart to not get accused of something, they are more like analysts than gamers

And I was mad because of the fanboysm in N4G, seems like every site act in a different way but with the same results after all

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NeptuneOO73298d ago

Halo : Reach on PS3!



Anorexorcist3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

you're treading on very soft, sensitive fanboy ground here.

If you don't take care, The Xbot Butt-Buddies will come around and give you a Disagree-Lashing like you've never felt before...then they'll scurry off and say nothing because they know Blu-Ray is the new standard and the Pwnage against them is just too much.

Chubear3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

One step closer to having even halo on the Playstation. XD

Oh how sweet this is for me when I remember all the FUD with the whole Blu-ray/HD DVD thing. hehe, love it. XD

Hear ye hear ye, THE END IS NIGH 360fans. REPENT ye least have time! lol

HolyOrangeCows3298d ago play some dumb cartoon based off an over rated game.

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Godmars2903298d ago

Can someone explain to how this is a "perfect fanboy storm" when the chief fanboys of the franchise can't watch it on BR. Will actually be limited DL only if they want to watch it in HD on a 360.

pixelsword3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

It's not a blow to Bungie or anything, but it does leave a bad taste in my mouth, being a HALO fan... even if I also own a PS3.

I want to play the HD disc-version of the HALO movie on the 360 to be honest, and it won't feel right to play it on my PS3, but if I get it (and it's possible that I might) I would get the Blu-Ray version just for the extra HALO content.

In a way it is and it isn't Microsoft's fault: It's not their fault that HD-DVD failed, but I still do blame them for not making HD-DVD standard in 360's because HD-DVD growth was strong for a while, and if it was standard, HD-DVD would've been that much more popular. Not to mention that both versions could co-exist for a long time (like VHS and DVD's did [and still do]).

Godmars2903298d ago

But it is MS's fault for choosing HDDVD over BR, then supporting HDDVD, because Sony didn't want to use their menu and security software. Believing that they could use the 360 as a Trojan horse for DDL w/o making it an all-aspect media hub.

pixelsword3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

wow. Well, I do understand your point. It was a decision in terms of "give and take": but if HD-DVD would've won we'd be saying how Sony messed-up because if they'd only used the menu and security software, the Blu-Ray would be in business. But let's face it: Sony made a good decision there because part of the reason why HD-DVD failed was because of Hollywood being skiddish about HD-DVD after it was proved hackable, which if HD-DVD used Microsoft's security system (if I'm understanding it correctly) would be the direct cause... which COULD explain why Microsoft wanted both versions of Discs to fail, to which they almost confessed by their support of DDL.


Bnet3433298d ago

I don't think Microsoft will be mad about this. You can also look at it this way. PS3 owners are buying a Halo movie proving that Halo can sell on anything and that Halo appeals to all. That's how Microsoft sees it. It's the same as the mod for playing as Master Chief on UT3 on the PS3. Microsoft saw it as "free advertising"

Godmars2903298d ago

HDDVD couldn't have won because the main argument was about providing more space. Putting it in the 360 might have prolonged things but you'd still have multiple discs - Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey - and reduced content/compromised quality - Transformers. Worse there might have been additional production issues that only would have added to the number of RRoD incidents.

Of course MS isn't going to be mad at taking money from PS3 owners, but the fact remains that the best they have to offer their own key fanbase is a DDL rental. That not only will the anime be in poor resolution through a 360 DVD, but noisy as well.

Dude4203297d ago

Way to spread BS, yes while a dual layered BD is 50gb and a dual layered HD-DVD is 30gb, the space would still be sufficient enough for any current gen games. Multi-discs? Yeah sure buddy.

Btw, I've seen both HD DVD and BD versions of Transformers and they both look exactly the same. The only difference really is sound, but how many people really have top of the line stereo systems? I'm sure some of you do, but the majority doesn't and I don't think they seem to care either.

Godmars2903297d ago

The point isn't that few people would have a sound system to get the most out of a fully loaded disc but that there wasn't a fully loaded HDDVD disc available at the time.

An equally moot argument is Blue Dragon. Single sided 15GB discs were the only thing around at the time, so the 20GB game would have been on two discs unless a good part of that was redundant data. not that it matters, since the 360 doesn't have a HDDVD drive.

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