Nintendo 64 Games To Be Playable On Your iPhone?

AppGamer writes "... infamous hacker ZodTTD is almost ready to release his latest project, a working Nintendo 64 Emulator capable of running on the iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod Touch.

"You may soon see N64 on your favourite Apple device," ZodTTD stated on his forum. "But I can't promise it will run games top notch just yet as things are too early to say."

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Mista T3323d ago

Goldeneye or Perfect Dark on iPhone :P

Jamescagney3323d ago

So how's it going to work with all the buttons needed for n64 games?

corneliuscrust3323d ago

How are these genius coders going to pull that one off? hahahaha

Marty83703323d ago

I bet a lawsuit is pending..............