Ubisoft Not Afraid of Modern Warfare 2 writes, "Not many games are releasing around the same time as Activision's upcoming Modern Warfare 2. It's particularly understandable considering the almost undisputed assumption that Modern Warfare 2 will be another massive sales success; this week the game was announced as GameStop's most pre-ordered game ever. However, one title isn't wavering in challenging Modern Warfare 2, and that's Assassin's Creed 2." caught up with Ubisoft Montreal CEO, Yannis Mallat, to ask him what he thinks of Modern Warfare 2.

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WildArmed3325d ago

They shouldnt be. Assassin's Creed is a great franchise and Mw2 has nothing on it. i mean mw2 is an FPS for fuk's sake.
I cant wait to pick this up

Kyll3325d ago

I agree for the most part, but I mean, most gamers play more than one genre. When they spend $69 on a game one week, they might not do the same the following week.

Most times when I buy a game I'm deciding between one or two more games from different genres.

mephman3324d ago

They are different genres, but they're both still hardcore games. If someone is strapped for cash, it will still be a case of getting one, and not both.

Danja3324d ago

Well im a big fan of the first AC soo pre-ordered AC2 months ago , people seems to be forgetting that AC sold almost 5 million on the 360 and over 3 million on the PS3 , its gonna be a huge seller also ...

I wont be getting MW2 until it drops in price its just not worth it right now

LONEWOLF2313324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

If it were true the WHY isnt it releasing at the same date as MW2???
Back up your words with action. Release the game this Tuesday. Man i hope you do release it this

badz1493324d ago

I think AC2 will sell decently. maybe not to the extend of MW2 numbers but it will still sell. IMO, actually this is not about Ubi being afraid of MW2 or any other games out there but the fact that their software sales already dropped over 50% for the 1st half of this year because of the lack of games being released! AC2 is their only hope of regaining that 'loss' and return of revenue for this year! they actually can't afford to delay AC2 but if they could, I think they would like to!

mal_tez923324d ago

I might do the same for the new Ratchet game also. The only singleplayer game I needed to buy right away was Uncharted 2 since the first game was unvelievable incredible and my personal favourite, and I ended up enjoying U2's mutliplayer anyway.

I like to get multiplayer games right away so I don't miss out on any action online.

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Doletskaya3325d ago

From what I have seen so far,it even seems that AC2 is going to have higher overall rating than MW2.For example,tons of websites have been praising AC2 for how much it has improved over the first game,but for MW2,I haven't seen any article expressing how impressive the game is so far.For reviews,AC2 already has a couple of reviews(all positive),while MW2's embargo doesn't end until november 10th.This a not a good sign for MW2.

Kyll3325d ago

The embargo isn't a sign of weakness at all. Marketing and previews do their job of building hype, early reviews I think are mainly to help build up pre-order sales if the publisher believes the game will score well. However, MW2 is the most pre-ordered game ever at GameSpot, so Activision doesn't have any incentive to release their embargo early. It's an asset to have good reviews, and the latest an embargo can go is the release date, so they want reviews to go up as late as possible so that the hype they produce will further the longevity of the game's hype. Plain and simple.

Selyah3325d ago

Hmm interesting, I mean while they are totally different games, the user base for MW2 is far bigger, so for those people that can only buy one game that month, it might be a bit silly for them to be totally confident about it. I know for one that I'm probably missing out on Assassin's Creed 2 because of Modern Warfare 2.

Kyll3325d ago

Yeah, kind of an advantage to MW2 as it comes out a week earlier than AC2.

WildArmed3325d ago

But its not necessary that the people buying AC2 are the same people buying mw2 ya know?

Its more of a battle between genres vs the two franchises.
If you like action/adventure more then FPS games, or vice versa.. thats where the battle is

mephman3324d ago

I think the bigger battle will be Modern Warfare 2 vs Left 4 Dead 2. I Valve have been more gutsy than Ubisoft.

STICKzophrenic3324d ago

I'll be getting Modern Warfare 2 on Tuesday. Then I have a coupon for a $10 giftcard for Best Buy when purchasing Assassin's Creed 2, so I'll get that and it'll be put aside for Christmas, and I'll probably get Left 4 Dead 2 on Black Friday for $40 hopefully.

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Ninji3325d ago

Assassin's Creed 2 will be the better game and there is no need for Call of Rehash: Modern Disappointment 2 because people would rather wait for shooters that are above mediocrity like MAG & Bad Company 2.

Trevorthenerd3324d ago

I agree I have no idea why pepole are getting exited for modern warfare 2 :\

Lionsguard3324d ago

I was going to skip MW2 but I got it on Amazon for the $20 off the next ps3 game purchase. I'm Gonna go ahead and use that on my GOW3 Ultimate edition.

ZBlacktt3324d ago

Good for them! I mean once the single player game on COD has been played out. The online will become repetitive once again. As we know what to expect there. With AC2, way more in depth. Just what it is between the two. So player's will have great choices here with two new games over just having the one to play over and over.

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