148Apps Review: Zombie Attack! Second Wave

148Apps writes: "Zombie Attack! Second Wave (ZA2) is a 'Tower Defense' game in its truest sense, but has some unconventional tweaks that make the game unique. The goal of ZA2 is simple, defend your home from the wave of oncoming zombies. To do this, you use your 6 upgradeable weapons (towers), most of which are standard fare, some of which aren't, to create the closest thing you can to an impenetrable wall. Instead of traditionally acting as the god of the screen, you use your character (the last survivor) to move around the map and build the towers wherever you please. You can also attack zombies with your character, but once you get to the later levels it doesn't work out so well (inerestingly, you can get your "last survivor" killed as much as you want, he comes back after a timed re-spawn… does that make you a zombie?)."

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