BM Hands-on: Monster Hunter tri

BM writes: "Monster Hunter is huge in Japan. Huge. Over here in North America? Well, it's not as huge, though it's pretty popular thanks to the slew of PSP releases over the past few years. While these PSP games are quality titles that give you a near endless amount of content to play, there a few things they are missing that keep this from becoming the next big thing in the States. Monster Hunter 3, or tri, as its often referred to, aims to fix many of those issues to make a more accessible and enjoyable game that still retains the hardcore factors you know and love from Monster Hunter."

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EvilTwin3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

"In Japan, this service requires monthly payments, but as of now, the American side of Capcom has not made a decision. One reason they can do this in Japan is due to the popularity of the series–people would probably pay way more than Capcom charges to get their hands on it–but that may not fly over here, considering it’s just not as popular. Regardless, the game will be on Capcom’s own servers, and will not require Friend Codes. It’s much more like playing an online game on the Playstation Network or over Xbox Live, which works for me."

Capcom win.