UK Retailers: MW2 Biggest Game Ever

Speaking to NowGamer, both HMV and have stated that Modern Warfare 2 could fulfil it's billing - not only as the biggest game of the year, but beyond

High street chain HMV said it felt the Infinity Ward shooter "has the potential to be the biggest-selling game ever," while a spokesman for the online retailer said: "In terms of the total number of pre-orders we have received, it will be the biggest we've ever had."

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GR8 13324d ago

Durrrr everyone knows that...

WildArmed3324d ago

After the success of CoD4, no doubt about it really.
But, first I need to see how the system works when the host leaves.
If its bad as before, I'll just stick with Cod4.. no need to upgrade :(

Fishy Fingers3324d ago

They have host migration now.

If a host leaves, all players will see a brief (few seconds) "black" screen, the player with the best connection will then become host and the game continues as it left off.

WildArmed3324d ago

dude that sounds awesome.
Do positions reset like in uncharted 2 or do they start off from where they were?
I hated how you had to goto the lobby and crap in CoD4

NotoriousWarrior3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

"has the potential to be the biggest-selling game ever,"

i don't think it will be the best selling game but will be the best selling FPS game.

Fishy Fingers3324d ago

Super Mario Bros and Tetris are both hoovering around 40+ million, it isnt going to beat that, but more than likely the biggest selling game of the last few generations.

SpoonyRedMage3324d ago

Well Wii Sports has topped 50 million recently.... and New Super Mario Bros is approaching 20 million.... so if MW2 is going to be the biggest it has a long way to go.

Fishy Fingers3324d ago

Good point, forgot about Wii Sports, although that's mostly down to the bundles. To be honest I forgot largely about all the Nintendo games, they've pretty much all sold like crazy.

jomigirock3324d ago

Oh man I knew it ever since I was playing the First Call of Duty on PC, It was the best FPS out. Sorry but nothing has beaten it on multiplayer or single player story mode it gets better every year and trust me I have played a lot of COD, it will always be teh win!

WildArmed3324d ago

I agree with the MP mode.. but the single player modes have always been.. unappreciated by me. I didnt like em at all