Psychonauts, Advent Rising Come To Good Old Games

Good Old Games and Majesco Entertainment announced an agreement today to bring some of Majesco's older titles to the retro gaming store. The first two available for digital purchase are Psychonauts and Advent Rising.

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yog-sothot3325d ago

true !

really funny and with some crazy level design !

Fade_Walker3324d ago

It’s a shame that the Advent Rising trilogy was never finished. :(

Oh, hey look Psychonauts! :)

LostCypher113324d ago

Agreed it is a Damn shame. Had the game been released BUG free i think it would have been and Huge franchise. it is still to this day one of the best stories i've experienced in a game

baodeus3324d ago

Advent Rising is a really game, great story, epic boss battle after the credit...too bad it was glitch fest. Why don't Majesco bring back Phantom Dust (most underated game on the xbox)) is pretty hard to find that title anywhere. Luckily i have the old game that can be played on the 360.