The 10 PC games you must own

GB writes: "So you've bought your new computer. Acquired a 7.1 surround sound system. Sitting in your leather rumbling gaming chair. Facing your 24? widescreen HD monitor.

But you need some games to play, right? If you are new to PC gaming, or just aren't familiar with computer games past 1999, this guide will help you decide which games to buy out of this list of some of the best games ever to grace the PC screen.

So in no particular order, let us begin."

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williamkenny3331d ago

I love Battlefield. It is my most played game to date.

mal_tez923330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

But I hate it when they treat HL2 as just an FPS game. I'd call it an action game overall, because the shooting just plain sucks, but everything else about it is what makes it so incredible.

TheGrimBunny3331d ago

if only i had a computer to run crysis to it's full capacity

williamkenny3331d ago

The Crysis "OMG it is so laggy on my PC" days are almost gone now, you don't need to much power to get it to run nicely now. Of course, that depends on your resolution.

pangitkqb3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Not only to run Crysis itself, but the bevy of other powerhouse titles coming out in the next year that will simply run better on a high end PC.

After years of thinking it over I finally buckled down and got a high end rig for myself four weeks ago. I chucked in an intel i7 processor, 9 gig of DDR3 ram, and an ATI Radeon HD 4850. I've never seen gaming look so good.

GamerSciz3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

LMAO, 9 GIGS of RAM??? Are you insane? There is no reason to have more than 4gigs unless you are using your computer as a server to host online games. And even then you would want a Raptor 10,000RPM HDD. i7 processor is good, very good and the ATI isn't bad but the latests NVidia cards are giving ATI competition again. Also, I am curious to see what AMD will come out with to put up as competition against the latest Intel.

I have only built 2 PC's but I plan to build another one as soon as I get the money. Regardless, 9gigs of RAM is TOTAL overkill buddy. Not to mention if you don't have a 64-bit OS then you can only get 3.5gigs of RAM anyways. So I hope and pray you have a 64-bit OS otherwise go return 2/3 of your ram because it's not even working.

You can check out how much RAM the comp can recognize by entering the setup mode from the load up screen and enter the bios. In there it will say a number in MB. For example I believe mine says 4096MB which is equivalent to 4gigs of RAM. I am running 64-bit Home Premium though.

Plus, to run Crysis at 30FPS on max settings you only need to spend probably $1,000 on a prebuilt computer because the technology has already advanced so much and computers have come down in price with the recession.

On Topic: I think TF2 is a must have as well but if you like really team-oriented then L4D and L4D2 are also must haves. Still a nice list for new PC gamers to get their feet wet.

My 5 cents... (sorry about the wall of text)

STONEY43330d ago

9GB!!! O_o I wonder if any games will even use that much... even my 6GB is more than enough for most things.

PopEmUp3330d ago

man you're such a nerd/geek lol and 9gb facking hilarious xd

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gameseveryday3331d ago

Brilliant article...really loved that it included Dragon age origins!

StanLee3330d ago

Dude, after playing the console version of Dragon Age: Orgins and then playing the PC version, this is definitely one of those games better on the PC. It's a whole different experience.

gameseveryday3331d ago

My PC still cant run thats a shame...I really liked the way Empire Total War is included...

TheGrimBunny3331d ago

yeah even though a lot of people can't run crysis, as far as i'm concerned it has the best graphics i have seen in a game

williamkenny3331d ago

Yeah I really enjoyed E:TW. That and Rome Total War are my fav's out of the Total War's.

williamkenny3331d ago

The graphics in Crysis are even better with the high res textures mod. Then the game looks positivly stunning.

STONEY43330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Which texture mod do you use? Alot of the ones I've seen at CryMod and In-Crysis tend to look meh.

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