IGN: Mass Effect 2: Details, Details, Details

Mass Effect 2 is just a few short months from being complete and in your hands, but the gritty details are still far and few between. This week, BioWare has filled in a few holes by giving you a look at a couple of new areas and releasing a new trailer that puts a new threat in the spotlight. There is a very real reason why humans across the galaxy are mysteriously disappearing: An insect-like alien race known as the Collectors is systematically harvesting humans and it looks like they're working for the Reapers.

Watch the trailer to get your first look at these critters and then stick around for IGN's exclusive question and answer session with Mass Effect 2's Project Director, Casey Hudson. They talk about the new threat to humanity, plans for downloadable content and answer the ultimate question: Wrex vs. Grunt.

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kissmeimgreek3331d ago

they sure did seem a lot more sure that mass effect 2 is pc and 360exclusive in this article. they gave the most straight forward answer ive heard em say yet.