Wada: FF13 could be out before end of fiscal 2009 in West

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Square isn't done, either. While they've sold 12 million software units so far, they expect to double up to 26 million by the end of the fiscal year. This will obviously be helped by the Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean 4 International and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep launches in Japan.

They may also be aiming to release Final Fantasy XIII this year in the West.

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[email protected]3327d ago

This year huh? I want to see that :)

Keith Olbermann3327d ago

not releasing same day, world wide will hurt sales. How many people will jump on youtube and watch each boss fight from the japanese version and then go ahead and rent the game instead of buying it? A lot I think.

gaffyh3327d ago

Fiscal year ends in March, but that is still pretty early. I hope to God it does come out before March, but that will kinda steal WKC's thunder.

Noct3327d ago

You serious?

Normally the US has to wait 5-7 months after he Japanese release for the game. Europe has to usually wait 6-12 months for it after the JPN release. That never hurt the previous games sales.

Now theres a chance we could be getting the game in the US AND Europe 3 months after the Japanese release.....

I think the chance is good since the 360 version has been in porting process since April/May and English localization has been underway since June/Julu and now text translations are underway.

Noctis Aftermath3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

I can only hope it's released sooner then march, but still it's never received an official release date for the west so maybe the reason why it doesn't have a release date is cause they are trying to get it out as close to the Nippon release as possible?

A jan or feb release would be insane, helps me brace for the bombardment of high profile games released in march.

velcry3327d ago

I remember they said they will work on the 360 version only after the Jap PS3 one is completely done.

So if the Jap PS3 one is releasing in Dec 09, you mean... that now Square Enix has the ability to port it over in 3-4 months to meet the 09 fiscal year deadline?

Either (A) --> they really got some serious porting skills, or

(B) --> they've been working on the porting for some time.

meepmoopmeep3327d ago

that's good to hear, would be nice to have it by Spring

Noct3327d ago

The first and only 360 footage was shown at E3 this year. Kitase confirmed that they had begun to port the parts of the PS3 version over to the 360 in April.

Sounds reasonable since that gives them around 10-11 months to do it if we assume the game will go in to print late Feb. (they ported Bayonetta over to the PS3 in 2 months)

Also from general opinions from several developers it's easier to port from the PS3 over to the 360 since the 360 hardware is way easier to get to grips with.

Millah3327d ago

Wada is such a terrible CEO. How about he gives an actual firm release date so they can build up some hype instead of just leaving consumers confused and clueless.

And before the end of fiscal 2009 does not mean this year, it means before March 2010.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Devs say that it is easier to port from PS3 to X360. And of top of that the X360 benefits from the more organized and complex coding of the PS3 architecture(as seen on Mirror's Edge). Plus the X360 has 512mb of unified ram which make their life even easier and adds the possibility of a better looking game than on its original version(aka the PS3).

I'm not saying that the X360 it's more powerful than the PS3 but it is obvious that compromises were made to make both version equals. Everything was clear since the day they said that they removed japanese dialogue from the PS3 version to make both versions equal. And if we take Star Ocean and Tales of Vespeira into consideration, all the benefits the blu-ray provided to make scenes with dialogue that the X360 version didn't have is a great problem for a game(FFXIII) that it is supposed to be bigger than both of them(SOIV, ToV).

And yes, I know I went off-topic on the second paragraph. =)

Foliage3327d ago

Having the ram unified isn't an issue, what is this 2003?

The PS3 architecture is extremely streamlined and efficient. While the 360 hardware is very clunky and a waste of resources, which is a shame since the 360 has fewer resources than the PS3 hardware-wise.

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zoks3103327d ago

2010 for Soy will be huge, unlike anything we have seen before, mark my words.

gauntletpython3327d ago

How does releasing a multiplatform game help Sony dominate?

Vivi3327d ago

Several reasons really.

-Exclusive in Japan
-Many FF fans purchased a PS3 for FFXIII before it was announced for the 360
-Versus and XIV will be known as PS3 exclusives at the time of release so more people would buy the game or a PS3 for FFXIII then the 360 since all the games can only be played on the PS3
-FF is associated with Sony
-Really hate being a fanboy but the PS3 version will be superior since it's on one disc and is the lead build
-JRPG's have flopped on the 360 to date

Finally the game has more marketing on the PS3 then the 360. Everytime theres new info posted anywhere it's also "FFXIII on the PS3" ect... (because the info comes from Japan)

Why o why3327d ago







full marks

shadowfox3327d ago

He said 'helps PS3 dominate in 2010', it's Japanese release is 2009.

I'll give you that Final Fantasy is more closely associated to Sony than MS, but the rest of that stuff is pretty absurd or negligible. Do you really think people were buying PS3s 3 years ago for FF13? That idea is ridiculous.

360 has double the install base in the US and to assume that FF13 will do better and help the PS3 is ridiculous.

Dno3327d ago

@ 2.4

Yes i believe it. as i am one of them i bought the ps3 in 2006 for FF13
i also bought the xbox in 2005 for halo but i bet that is prolly easier to believe for some reason....

lonestarmt3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )


actually I bought a PS3 just because I knew or thought at the time FF13 was only going to be on PS3. Also, you are wrong, 360 only has a lead by several millions, not doubled, and is shorting every week. lol

ceedubya93327d ago

The thing is about FF13 possibly releasing earlier than expected in the West.....

And he goes into talking about Sony domination.


Roper3163327d ago

when I bought my PS3 FF was one of the reasons why, along with franchises like Twisted Metal,MGS & GOW to name a few more. So why is it ridiculous to think that FF wasn't a reason for some people to buy a PS3 that is just foolish to think that imho.

zoks3103327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Let me clear that up.

You have a string of RPGs becoming available for the PS3 at the end of this year starting with FF13 exclusive in Japan on 12/17/2009, followed by Resonance of Fate, White Knight Chronicles, and Star Ocean 4 early next year, pretty much all back to back.

Then you follow that up with FF13 possibly being release in NA and EU by March 2010, then comes GT5 (Japan,) MAG, and GOW3. The point being, by April 2010 all of the above games will be available for PS3 users. So with hits like those coming in straight month after month can only mean one thing..... PS3 DOMINATION.....

Why don't you tell me why i'm wrong instead of just yapping off like you have a clue.

Optical_Matrix3327d ago is the concept of people buying a PS3 3 years ago for FFXIII ridiculous. I did just that 2 years ago and I'm still waiting patiently. The game was and still is a system seller for PS3, whether it's multiplat or not.

Foliage3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

"How does releasing a multiplatform game help Sony dominate? "

Because there is a world outside the US, especially a place where final fantasy might just sell quite a bit... I think it's called Japan. It also happens to be one of the regions where this game is a PS3 exclusive.

Hardly a multiplatform game. Not only is it a timed exclusive, it is a complete exclusive in Japan. Also, seeing as FF Versus 13 and FF14 are PS3 exclusives, anyone looking to buy a system to play this game will more than likely choose the superior PS3.

shadowfox3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Buying PS3 for FF13 - OK, so you guys all went and bought a PS3 3 years ago for FF13 - What the hell have you been doing since? Just letting it collect dust? I bought my PS3 because I loved the games it launched with, like Resistance, not for some game that's coming out 4 years later. I mean, why didn't you just wait until it was out? Would've saved you $300.

@Zoks310 - So Sony has a bunch of good games coming out by the end of the fiscal year. It's a great line up, no one is gonna argue against that(unless they are a fanboy). But then what? They've blown their wad 3 months into 2010 and have nothing for the rest of the year, outside of maybe Resistance 3. 360 still has Halo Reach, Alan Wake, and probably Gears 3 and Fable 3 as well due for next year. At any rate, I don't disagree with you, you're comment just seemed out of place in the context that the article is about a multiplatform game coming out next spring.

Optical_Matrix3327d ago

No you tool. The main reason I bought my PS3 was because I was hotly anticipating FFXIII and Versus XIII. Obviously for other games but mainly for those 2. All the 13+ other games I've bought since buying my PS3 I've loved but I didn't buy a PS3 specifically for them. Going by your logic there is no such thing as a system seller. You're looking like a fool with every message you type. Just leave it there.

shadowfox3327d ago

Well then, Optical Matrix, you wasted money then and also got a fatter, heavier console for no reason. I don't know what else to say besides that.

zoks3103327d ago

shadowfox, no one knows what Microsoft or Sony have planned for next year outside of games that were already announced. For all we know they might come hard with their motion controllers, and a few new games, so what your point when you say Sony blow their load in 3 months?

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gauntletpython3327d ago

NO! I don't need any more games to buy before March 2010.

Noctis Aftermath3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )


There is a saying that is suitable for this topic and it goes something like "It's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it"

Roper3163327d ago

I agree it's kinda like a condom, better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

MetalGearRising3327d ago

My xbox360 is primed and ready bring it on.

FiftyFourPointTwo3327d ago

Too bad your failbox will RROD on the day of release.

nolifeking3327d ago

They finally sent it back huh.

Man_of_the_year3327d ago

I wonder if the 360 version will run and look better on the 360 like 90% of all MULTIPLATS or if it will look and play the same as the PS3 like the other 10% of all MULTIPLATS do...

Can't wait for LoT's cover of this.

wxer3327d ago

well you really should hope so
because the MULTIPLATS is all what the xbox got

DelusionalMsBot3327d ago

Yeah MGR i cant wait to recieve my 6 dvd set.

HAHAHAHA poor droids got the gimped version with 1 disc

Man_of_the_year3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

"well you really should hope so
because the MULTIPLATS is all what the xbox got"

- Fine by me. Most of my favorite games this gen are multiplats

- Deadspace
- Borderlands
- Resident Evil 5
- GTA 4
- Operation Flahspoint
- Brutal Legends
- Bioshock
- G.R.A.W 2
- Batman AA
- NHL 09/10
- FIFA 09/10
- Fight Night Round 3&4
- Guitar Hero
- Civilization Revolution
- Call of Duty 4
- EndWar
- Street Fighter 4
- Fallout 3
- Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 & 2
- Blazblu
- Prototype

and many more. I have also had MUCH more fun playing the exclusives on my 360 than i do my PS3 exclusives.

So i have no problem with playing the multiplats since multiplats by far out number exclusives. I get the best of both worlds and play the best versions of Multiplats on the 360...while you only play your PS3 exclusives and the poor port multiplats.

I would rather be in my gaming situation than to be in yours.

Feel free to check out my gamertag and see all the games that i own and play on the 360. You will see that my multiplat collection out number my exclusive collection 3:1. And i also play PS3 exclusives.

wxer3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

yah write more text walls you may feel better that way

and i 90% of the time play PS3 exclusives
best games in every genre
what could i want more ?

the other 10% are like PC games and games with extra content in one disk like Fallout3 GOTY E or any other game that i may like but thats really rare

and thats about it

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Horseymart3327d ago

Don't see it, we hear these reports before as with GT5 it will bee out late next year that is whta i belive.

nolifeking3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

This is different since it's coming from the actual company and isn't some random internet rumor. Plus GT5 is releasing in March, in Japan at least. I really don't see that taking that long to localize.

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