DJ Hero, Put the Needle on the Record - PS Review

Turntable feels solid
Song combination's
Number of playable tracks
Rewind/Scratching feature

Long load/save times
PS button access panel
No online lobby

Final Thought: DJ Hero could very well be the next musical instrumented game with the most potential. Thanks to the classic Guitar Hero franchise look, DJ Hero steps in with a solid foundation of gameplay, originality and a fresh re-birth for music games. I was never a fan of the cumbersome hardware for complete band games, but this compact yet sturdy turntable fits the bill. Songs made for parties, I'm confident in saying it's the most well rounded playlist created in the genre. Believe me, you'll want to pick up DJ Hero up and work out your carpal tunnel (the good kind). After all, its DJ Gonz approved. Wicka-Wicka, REWIND!

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