Hardcore Gamer: MAG Preview

In the beta the only game mode available is a 128 total player mode that pits one team with the task of defending a specific set of objectives such as a pair of high tech APCs from getting hijacked and driven off by the attacking team. The defending team starts off with full control of the map and all of its bunkers, AA emplacements, mortar batteries, and sensor arrays. The attacking team comes into the picture on foot from the far side of the map, and must bust through the defending teams lines of defense in order to capture and secure their objective. It is essentially a tug of war on a massive scale; a battle with a front line that usually runs the entire width of the map.

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Ron Zook3324d ago

this guy is a retard! the game modes switch all the time in the beta. what did he play this for 5 minutes and post this garbage preview? fail