Sony Makes Big Moves, Leads in the Console War

Trends predict a greater push towards digital distribution (which increases profits while cutting costs), as well as enhanced compatibility between the PS3 and PSP Go. No matter what comes next, it's clear that Sony is in the right direction. The underdog is on top folks, and may be on top for quite some time.

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Socomer 19793323d ago

they really tried thier best to sell xboxlive memberships.

Equinoxe_73323d ago

Never underestimate the Playstation brand, yes the Playstation 3 where expensive, but now it's on the right spot.

FishCake9T43323d ago

I honestly dont care about 360 vs PS3.

Socomer 19793323d ago

it got old.

now that ps3 is priced affordably and most gaming sites are too busy playing games to talk crap about them i dont find that many fanboys to bait anymore. just a few sad souls and it turns out they are on constant supervision and medication.