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PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

All in all, this game is fantastic–probably the best GTA handheld title that is available. For fans of the series, this is definitely worth the purchase.

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doctorstrange3324d ago

I'm so glad this game came to PSP

raztad3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Game is really good but I hate the lack of voiceovers and in-game cutscenes. Liberty City Stories and VC Stories have them.

wolfehound223324d ago

Awesome I wasn't quite sure about this one, but now its a must buy.

ShiNe-Box-3324d ago

I really want this game, but I need a psp.

LostCypher113324d ago

ugh want it but i'm already behind on my games to buy. Still need to pick up boarderlands and Dragon age before i think about picking this up. ugh forgot about Froza and AC2 and MW2. SH!T i hate being broke

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