Top 5 Epic Moments in Call of Duty

As part of their "Seven Days of Call of Duty" special, Hooked Gamers takes a look at the top 5 most epic moments in the Call of Duty franchise.

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How could you forget "All Ghillied up" that mission was a classic the graphics and mood of the mission the eireeness of waking through the ghost town till you get to the mission amazing but can agree with all the authors choices

Venatus-Deus3331d ago

"Death from Above" is one of the best stand alone missons ever. In any game. In any genre. In any generation...

beeeffess3331d ago

Oh wow 3 moments from the same game.

At least post one from each game (yes even one from CoD3). I quite liked the beginning of CoD1.

Ron Zook3331d ago

garbage article! this guy has obviously not played COD 1. nothing is more epic than the Stalingrad mission where you get off the boat with a single rifle with 5 bullets and fight your way up this huge hill to the city while people all around you are dying

Alcohog3331d ago

Came here to say the same thing. List is huge fail without that. You actually are one of the guys that doesn't even get a gun...just a clip. Every other person was given a clip instead of a gun and told to follow the man with the rifle until he dies, then pick up his gun.

COD1 is still the best to me. So epic.