GameFocus: Borderlands Review

GameFocus writes: "An RPG and a shooter, properly mixed, is the gaming equivalent of a unicorn. Rarely seen and thought to be impossible.

But that hasn't stopped more than one company from tackling this difficult cocktail in the past year. First there was Fallout 3, which succeeded more on its qualities as the former than the latter. Borderlands, in part leveraging on the success of Fallout, but trying to outdo it in the same breath, seemed even more ambitious, not submitting to the temptation of a gameplay element similar to F3's time-stopping VATS system."


+ The shooting feels right!
+ Co-op is awesome
+ Loot collection is satisfying and gun variety is immense
+ The world is well realized
+ Little funny elements like boss descriptions and Claptrap


- Driving the vehicles can be an uphill battle
- Geometry snags can break up the action or strand you
- Some bosses feel a little unbalanced, especially on your own

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