Nintendo talks HD

Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto, and other employees have discussed the future of HD for Nintendo.

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Valay3330d ago

"Won’t HD be better for the games like Pikmin?"


Shadow Flare3330d ago

If nintendo released wii hd and made pikmin 3, I would buy a wii. I loved pikmin. While hd is a very welcome proposal, nintendo still need to make a game I actually give a damn about

darthv723330d ago

based on the ati chip inside? It is certainly capable but they are limiting its potential currently. Or at least that is my interpretation of the wii graphics chip. It is rumored to be better than the original xbox which was capable of 720p on a few games.

Why can't nintendo test the performance of the existing wii by way of a fw update to expand the resolutions supported? MS was able to add a few more options to the 360 by doing that once before.

dib8rman3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Ok motion controls aside another key factor for the Wii's success is it's lack of HD, simply you find many complaints from Industry voices about how Nintendo is killing the Industry, it's because they can't make their games on the Wii and port it.

There are several agenda's within this industry right now and Simply put Wii's lack of Hard Drive space and Wii Friend Codes also it's lack of HD prevent many of them from working on the system with leading share.

To many within the industry currently the idea is HD vs Wii and they need Nintendo to go HD not Nintendo needs to go HD. If a incumbent like Nintendo changes the direction of progress, then they can't bump the revenue by charging more for games with the reasoning that it's HD content.

These companies thrive off investors and investors demand growth, if they can't grow they jack up revenue to mimic growth.

And how do you think they jack up revenue?

Maybe Nintendo will go HD next system cycle, but you can rest assured that Sony and MS will think twice about going UHD next cycle, they will want to wait until Nintendo announces what it will do, only MS may have the guts or stupidity to push out first but if they do another rush job... yea... Sony could innovate the way they always do, by pushing tech as Sony is a company based on pushing tech in new directions by making that tech better. But Sony is not a content company or should I say does not have the content Nintendo has despite its back catalog they are up there though, if they want back in they can't make any mistakes.

As for WiiHD, I'm more interested in Natal and PSmote - more so Natal I would love to know when Natal is coming out, I haven't seen a release date for Natal yet.

Does anyone have any info on when Natal is coming out?

badz1493329d ago

dev will start making HD games similar to those on 360 and PS3 for it! and if you ask me is that a good thing - IMO not very much! Wii is unique on its own with its games because devs have to cater specifically to the different resolution and most importantly the motion controller scheme in order to appeal to the Wii owning crowd but if it is HD capable, devs will make games similar with those on 360 and PS3 because afterall, Wii also support normal controllers and porting directly the same game is cheaper! competing with 360 and PS3 for HD market is not an option for the Wii because I can feel that it will fail miserably like what happen to the GC! Ninty can sell their own franchises like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Wii Fit HD, Wii Play HD etc but that is about it all! the pattern is clear. just look at games that selling on the Wii, almost all of them are 1st party games! plus M$ and Sony will come out with their own HD version of motion controlled games thus making the market more competitive! I know, competitions are good (especially for gamers) but I prefer to have more variety with HD and non-HD, core and casual consoles on the market than having all consoles competing in the same field! just my 2 cents

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NateNater3330d ago

Eventually, Nintendo will have no choice but to go to HD. Even if there is some software that doesn't really need it, like Wii Fit, there will always be software that does need it. Picture Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Starfox, and Metroid in full 1080p HD!

asdr3wsfas3330d ago

"Eventually, Nintendo will have no choice but to go to HD."

The point is that nintendo waited until HDTV was more adopted by consumers to consider adding support. As it stands less than half the people who play GoW2 do so in HD because they own old tvs. When most consumers own HDTV nintendo will have no other choice.

TooTall193330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I believe you mean SD
Edit: nevermind I got what you mean now

divideby03330d ago

so what did he actually say

Double Toasted3330d ago

an HD software update...and if that doesn't work they'll bring out an HD Wii when the price of developing goes down some more for HD developing...

n4f3330d ago

is that they release a software update that allow hd and all that. like that it wouldnt be a ripoff.
but we all know that it wont be like that so we will wait and see.
i personally dont care about hd( yes a got an hd tv with 360 and wii)

dirthurts3330d ago

The Wii could push an HD signal, but at what price?
Frame rate? Even less detail in texture, geometry, and draw distances?
If they simply do a software update, only games meant for HD will be HD, and those that are designed for it will have to take a cut somewhere. I personally don't feel the Wii as it is will be able to do a worthwhile HD experience.
Maybe if they release an updated version with updated hardware that would simply force all games to run in HD, but without the performance hit. That would be nice.

bigjclassic3330d ago

What stuck out to me was that they said that certain games were suited for HD (pikmin) while others are suited for SD (WiiFit). Either Nintendo is going to push both Wii and WiiHD at the same time or the WiiHD console will be fully B/C to give devs the freedom to create SD games and HD titles.

That would be a win win if they go that route (fully B/C), because 3rd parties that want to push HD technology can do so, or if smaller devs wanted to still make SD titles they have the freedom too. Nintendo should definitely go this route with WiiHD but I think it should be able to read BD-Roms, DVDs (Wii games),and Optical roms (GcN).

PoisonedTea3330d ago

I think Nintendo have realised that what they had/have with the Wii is a once in a lifetime occurence - a freak result, if you will. With rumblings from loyal Nintendonites(?) that the focus of Nintendo seems to be more and more on casual titles, and that throwing loyal fans a "bone" every year with a new Mario, Zelda, etc., isn't good enough, the company is realising that they have to at least entertain the idea of having multi-platform titles as the Gamecube did in the XBOX/PS2 days.

This will only be possible if the hardware can cope and sadly the Wii can't at the moment. I for one DO hope the next Nintendo console is on par (or at least very close) to the next iterations of Microsoft's and Sony's home consoles. Note, I'm not necessarily saying "GO FULL HD" because we all know that HD doesn't make a brilliant game BUT having the capability under the "hood" of a new Nintendo console means that at least the possibility is there to not only churn out the casual-ware of this gen, AND also introduce new IP's that could compete with Gears of War, Uncharted, etc,. THAT would be amazing for us gamers!

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