Here's how the idea of covering Bayonetta with her own hair was born In an interview with Famitsu, Kamiya the director of Bayonetta has explained how the sexy witch design has ended with her hair covering all of her body.

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alaa3325d ago

I hope the best for Bayonetta and for him. Day one purchase for me :)

WildArmed3325d ago

lol. as much as i love this game, thats one thing i dont want to know.. why bayonetta's body is soo hairy LOL

Bigbangbing3325d ago

"why bayonetta's body is soo hairy LOL"

her body is "soo hairy"? clearly you didn't get the idea..

WildArmed3325d ago

clearly you didnt get the joke

hardcore19123325d ago

Can't wait to play the full game

immortal843324d ago

Bayonetta, God of War 3,Darksiders, and Dante Inferno.