Dragon Age: Origins | First Impressions (The Goozex Report)

The Goozex Report shares their first impressions of BioWare's gritty RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

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JimmyJames703326d ago

This game looks awesome and I can't wait to spend 300 hours of my life playing it.

starven3326d ago

It has already consumed two nights of my life! I really like it, but then I really enjoyed the Baldur's Gate series.

squif3326d ago

I don't know if I can commit 300 hours, but this looks like a must buy.

squif3326d ago

I wonder why this wasn't promoted more heavily. Maybe they just knew it would rock.

Dorfdad3325d ago

This post should be removed. You clearly stated this was for the 360 version so why is this in the PS3 section. I would like to see peoples opinions on the PS3 in the PS3 section..

jomigirock3325d ago

The world is so big it should cost 120 dollas, lol j/k