No MW2 Dynamic Themes on Tuesday, but ... ?

PSFocus writes: "Tuesday we will be getting an update for the PlayStation Store and we can already divulge on what we can expect. Well, Mike Kebby (responsible for the SCEE PSN content) reveals a bit. He says that something will appear that has to do with Modern Warfare 2. It could therefore has something to do with one or more themes as you might think, but that is not the case.

A response from Mike Kebby confirmed that no Dynamic Themes will arrive on Tuesday. We will wait and see, because this is very exciting! No Dynamic Themes? What then, you might ask? On Tuesday, November 10th, Modern Warfare 2 will go on sale, so one can assume that this update will contain Modern Warfare 2 related content.

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The Hunter3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Tuesday there comes Avatars..

Thursday there comes Dynamic Themes..


Rehabinum3324d ago

That could be possible. Or it might just be some wallpapers.

Soldierone3324d ago

I believe the update is coming Tuesday because Wednesday is a holiday, at least in the US.

Glyn_Dwr3324d ago

Call of Duty 1 PSN download! Its not a MW2 dynamic theme and we have heard nothing official concerning avatars - why would they release avatars during the release of Modern Warfare 2? No one would notice during the release date of the most anticipated game of the year.

Shendow3324d ago

I bet it is only going to show up when MW2 is out, I heard that the theme comes with your copy of MW2 or something like that. Don't care as long as they make one ^-^ be awesome to having killing going on in the background.

Sangria3324d ago

Yep, it does sounds like the first premium avatars, and those ugly gray boxes will all have a Modern Warfare 2 layer now.

tdrules3324d ago

i can see the grey boxes imitating your callsign.
also how cool is it that it now says what map youre on under game on psn id for MW2 :0

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I would laugh HARD if it was Exclusive MW2 DLC!!! ;-D
'BUT' we all know 'IW' are M$ Butt-lickers!!! :-/

dtrain213324d ago

I would love to lick M$ butt and so would you

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