My princess is in another castle

Kombo: Over the years I've owned or played every console incarnation of the Mario and Zelda primary franchises, and a number of the handhelds even. Over the last few years, I've realized something. My appreciation for Mario games is actually growing as I play more of them (even if Mario Galaxy did make me feel a bit ill) while my interest in Zelda games is rapidly waning.

I could end this with one word-variety-but that's not fair to either franchise. There's a lot more to say.

I just don't feel any excitement for Zelda games anymore. I know what to expect, and seeing a few screenshots or renting the game for a couple days gives me all I need to see before I'm done with it. Playing the new Zelda DS game at Nintendo's press tour just reminded me vividly of what's missing. This game visually identical to its predecessor, with a few gimmicks swapped out for a few other gimmicks. It's a perfectly good game, and I wouldn't disagree with anyone who calls it a great game. I just feel like there's nothing new to see.

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