Dragon Quest IX Tops Japanese, US And UK Sales In Q3

Square Enix's Dragon Quest IX was the bestselling game across Japan, the US and the UK during the third quarter of the year, according to sales trackers the NPD Group, GfK Chart-Track and Enterbrain.

Despite only being released in Japan, Dragon Quest IX outsold its nearest rival by almost one million units between July and September.

The top five sellers for the period were as follows:

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PS360WII3331d ago

haha awesome. Best selling game worldwide and only released in Japan. That's the power of Dragon Quest

SpoonyRedMage3331d ago

...and Nintendo said they're going to be promoting it heavily in the west too! and Shigeru Miyamoto has been inspired by one of it's Wi-fi features!

Square Enix said it has surpassed four million a while ago as well, they released a cool desktop wallpaper to celebrate.

PS360WII3331d ago

Yeah that will be cool to see a heavily marketed DQ title here but even then I don't think DQ is mainstreamable here in the West :( we'll see though. 'Wii would like to play' worked out for awhile.

WildArmed3331d ago

sadly its on DS.
After playing DQVIII (the most epic DQ EVA!) I was hoping we'd get dragon quest on the next-gen consoles like ps3/360.
I just dont like handhelds for DQ anymore, the DQ8 has spoiled me

SpoonyRedMage3331d ago

DQ8 pales in comparison to the Zenithian trilogy, all of which are are/going to be on the DS!:D

PS360WII3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

That thought process always confuses me. Dragon Quest has never been about next gen it was about story/refined gameplay/characters/fun. Plus Level 5 (you know who made VIII) also made IX and with the knowledge they have and lessons they learned for VIII have made a game that reviewers and gamers alike say is better than the last Dragon Quest. So it really would be pretty much impossible to not enjoy DQIX if you liked DQVIII.

Plus I don't fully understand the don't like them on handhelds anymore seeing that this is the first one to launch on a handheld...

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