White Knight Chronicles adds Home Rewards, Voice chat goes live

Sony and Level 5 games have finally released the much-anticipated update for PS3 exclusive RPG White Knight Chronicles that allows players to use voice chat in game in towns and during quests.

In addition to the voice chat update the game adds Playstation Home awards, which will allow players to unlock clothing and accessories for your PS Home avatar by completing certain tasks.

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callahan093331d ago

Sweet! I absolutely love this game. It was awesome from day one, and it's been improved a hundred times over since it came out with additional quests and features added in. I cannot wait for it to come out in America and become ridiculously addicted to questing online with my English-speaking friends.

Pain3331d ago

Oh baby!! cant wait!! also <3 Home rewards!!

Saigon3331d ago

I can't wait to get this game...

meepmoopmeep3330d ago

i was getting this game regardless, but nice to see them adding significant stuff due to how long it's taking to finally release it.

i just hope it's not within a month of FFXIII or else i'm pretty screwed or i'd have to really have to cut all social life off.

sikbeta3330d ago

Bring It ON!

More RPGs to the crew that really enjoy these games

bakasora3330d ago

hmm.. how long have we been waiting

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Blaster_Master3331d ago

Another AAA title to worry about next year. Im gonna be one broke mo fo.

AP3331d ago

Sadly I think releasing so close to FF13 will mean this awesome, awesome RPG has its sales gobbled up by Square's monster.

slave2Dcontroller3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

IIIIII'm not to sure bout that. I understand the impact FF13 will have, no doubt, but with the PS3 seriously lacking JRPG's here in the U.S. I can see many JRPG-Starved Gamers picking them both up. If theres one area where the PS3 is seriously lacking, its in the JRPG department.

I'm kind of bothered that this hasnt been released here already, especially with details of WKC2 already pouring out. O well, I'll get it when their ready for me to have it I suppose :)

AP3331d ago

I guess in the end it depends how long FF13 is and how far apart they are, but FF13 is to RPGs what MW2 is to shooters and if I were publishing an RPG I would get the hell out of its way.

It's even worse on the Xbox, as there's a double-whammy there of Mass Effect 2 and FF13 within a couple of months of each other. I don't think there are any major RPG releases on that, though. The Mass Effect situation might sound like the same, but obviously ME2 is massively different in style, focus and direction to FF13, so it likely won't be effected and it's a juggernaut in its own right. WKC is a new and unknown IP and is similar to FF... so launching it in the same window is a bad move.

I don't know why it's taken so long to come over anyway!

Da One3331d ago

They'll be better on the PS3 yes, but not as much as people think. I for one could care less just put the damn game out so we all can play it.

I think Square shot themselves in the ass with all the hate they raked in, then again that's perfect free marketing

But I agree completely if your putting out a JRPG, get the **** out FFXIII's way or risk being a flop, I don't think 360 gamers have anything to worry about with ME2 and FFXIII releasing close together they're not the same type of rpg also i'll b picking up all three

koehler833330d ago

I hope it does. Looks good on them. They have absolutely no reasonable excuse for a 15 month localization to North America. The only reason being, it's apparently still in development even in Japan.

I like Level 5 as much as the next guy, but I feel slighted in this case and hope they get the same courtesy in return.

Redempteur3330d ago

First , the us version will have all the patches from the get go

Second there is at least 4 month between WC1 release and ff13 release on the us shores ...

i see no problem HERE

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TheBand1t3331d ago

Level-5, can we get a Dark Cloud 3? Pretty please?

CimmerianDrake3331d ago

For the truth.

Also, Rogue Galaxy. And, even though it's not from them, I wish someone would pick up Shadow Hearts. The company that made it is dissolved, so I'm sure the rights to the IP is up for grabs, and I loved the second one the most.

Noctis Aftermath3331d ago

Wild Arms PS3 while we're at it.

rockleex3330d ago

Xenogears remake with all 6 episodes?

Yes, there were originally supposed to be six episodes to Xenogears, but Final Fantasy took too much priority.

Kamikaze1353331d ago

Level 5 kicks ass. I really can't wait till this comes out! After playing Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy, I've been really looking forward to Level 5's current gen projects. Spring 2010 can't come soon enough =/

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