Sony's Michael Denny: We Take Metacritic Seriously

During his keynote at the Develop in Liverpool conference, taking place today, Sony Worldwide Studios Europe VP Michael Denny admitted that the company took Metacritic 'seriously'.

"Quality is one of the principle drivers in Worldwide Studios," said Denny, "and we measure that through three things: user testing and focus testing pre-release, and Metacritic after the release."

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Feral Gamer3323d ago

I also take metacritic seriously.

Blaster_Master3323d ago

OMG. I cant believe that Im reading this? Taking Metacritic seriously is like asking a girl if size matters. There are many reviewers that hate games simply cause they are ps3 exclusives. Ive seen reviewers dock points from ps3 games because of unoriginality, but gave microsoft exclusives like Halo 3 ODST points for being the same game and giving it AAA status. Sony really are a bunch of naive individuals when it comes to the gaming media.

Rockstar3323d ago

If I think I'm going to like a game the least I'm going to do is rent it.

6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5...whats a good score????? who cares? All of these scores are good, sure some are better than others. If meta is what you're using to but your games you are going to miss some gems.

Nuff said.

mint royale3323d ago

Before this gen an 8/10 would mean a fantastic game that you should really look into owning. Now it seems that if certain games score under 9.5 they are failures or the reviewers are biased.

I'm sorry but its pathetic.

raztad3323d ago


Even some 7.5 games were perfectly enjoyable and made for a good purchase.

Anything bellow 9 is not AAA therefore is a FLOP = No buy?

Right now I'm playing ACiT I doubt it can reach "AAA status" aka 9, but game is brilliant and I'm really happy with my purchase.

mint royale3323d ago


good for you! I wish more people weren't obsessed with scores or bias.

Raoh3323d ago

i agree with that statemtent from Blaster_Master

and i agree with mint royale's comment as well.

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coolfool3323d ago

I wouldn't take metacritic seriously. The reason he does though is because he knows that so many people do. Every time a game reviews well or is spoken about in hindsight the metacritic score is likely to be mentioned at some point. People always want their favourite games to be at the top of metacritic and they like to see games that deserve to be at the top, at the top.

Unfortunately this doesn't always happen and games can get handed high scores for apparently unjustifiable reasons. Halo ODST is a prime example of this. I appreciate that some of you like that game and while what there is of it is ok, there is no way it deserved the scores it got.

Dead_Cell3323d ago

It's a high filter of the quality of a game aside from personal prefence,of course it's important to them as they want to see what kind of impact they're making without trawling through a billion and one review sites.

artsaber3323d ago

Sony will still make the same games regardless. If Metacritic average for God of War 3 somehow averaged to a 70, Sony is still gonna make the next God of War game. Sony has produced the best quality games this gen by FAR. They have been shafted by the double standards of so-called fair reviewing websites. PS3 games are automatically deducted on average 1 to 2 points on a 10 point scale, just for being PS3 exclusive. That is a BIG HIT on points. Imagine if you had to produce 20 percent more of everything just to be on par with an inferior quality product.

Kinda resembles racism when you break it down... Sony has to do better just to break even. Great games are not determined on the result of some stranger's review, who has no relationship on the cost of the item vs the match of its quality, since reviewers get games for free - therefore have a difficult time relating to its TRUE value. Let them lose $60 a few times on highly reviewed duds like the rest of us, and watch those gaming scores change.

Sevir043323d ago

This happened when Sony launched a year later awith an expensive console, the MS Fanboys came in and changed the media into what it is today. biased and unfair and totally ill respresented of the true meaning of being a gamer and enjoying everything for what they are.

Bubbles up for that one. i really like what you had to say