PS3 Netflix Disc Being Mailed Out?

If you have a netflix account, going to this new page now lists the long-awaited PS3 Netflix disc as Pending and has a field for Estimated Arrival much like the queue list does. It also has an Activation Number field for those who receive their disc. Is Netflix on PS3 closer than we think?

For those without an account, check out the screen cap of the Netflix screen in the "Story Images" tab.

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Raoh3323d ago

Cool. the netflix site is asking me to enter my code.. damn it i got a disc in the mail yesterday but i thought it was a movie, i didnt open up the sleeve.

WildArmed3323d ago

Mine says its going to arrive tomorrow.
Man, cant wait. shipped 11/05/09, delivery 11/06/09
1 day shippings ?O_O

Tomorrow i shall have my activation code, BANZAI

Kholinar3323d ago

"1 day shippings ?O_O "

Where do you live (approximately)? Near a metro area?

I always get discs the next day...

LinuxGuru3323d ago

1-DAY shipping = next day

Kholinar3323d ago

"1-DAY shipping = next day"

Yeah... that's what I'm referencing.

I'm wondering why a netflix member would be surprised to get a disk the next day. I've never, except in cases where an obscure disc was shipped from a remote warehouse, had it take more than one day. And I've had my membership for over 2 years.

darthv723323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Should be in my po box tomorrow. All I care about is if I will have unrestricted access to my ENTIRE instant queue.

The 360 side is limited to only certain titles that are properly licensed for playback on the 360. I have some titles I cant watch on 360 so I better be able to watch them on the ps3.

@god: that wouldnt make sense. Why would they make it so that only titles for party play can be watched? Not everyone wants to watch movies in party mode. Is there a way to see if the movie in question is supported under party play?

Godmars2903323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

That's probably the stuff slated for party play.

For all we know there's a backlash headed the PS3's way as well.

pangitkqb3323d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to try her out on my PS3. Gonna do a comparison to that on my 360.

Hutch23553323d ago

I haven't come across anything that I can't watch on my 360. What movies are they? This is awesome for ps3 owners. I use my netflix on my 360 all the time, in fact I am watching ghostbusters as i type this. I love it. I know it sucks that new release movies arent available right away, and there isn't much hd, but its getting better every month. I have a fast internet connection, 16mb/sec so when hd is available I always get it. I watch it on my 52 inch lcd and only when connection gets below 3 bars does it look sub par. Congrats to ps3 owners, since I am one, I guess congrats to me too. I love it.

mikeslemonade3323d ago

Does this streaming disc count as having one movie out? I'm only subscribed to the $8.99 one disc in-hand program. Anyway I don't really care because i'm all about streaming movies. I doubt the selection will be any different compared to the 360s. Maybe a few exclusives but that's it.

beavis4play3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

i think the 8.99 package allows watching "instant watch" movies for up to 9 hours per month......but you should check on that - i'm not sure on the hours.

darthv723323d ago

there seems to be a couple of sony movies or columbia ones which are sony's. Also there are some in my queue that are no longer available to the 360. I have seen expiration dates on some of the ones in my 360 queue yet there is no expiration on the pc queue. Strange how that works.

I would like to see the full list of movies available to the ps3/360. Well...I will see how the ps3 menu looks soon enough but I can say that the 360 is lacking in the selection of genres that are available online. Maybe it is to cut down on the amount of data it would have to load for the available choices. Right now I see only a few different ones and those are based on my viewing habits.

Comedy, TV, sci-fi, thriller, yet there are many other genres to choose from like horror, children, sports, etc that dont list in my 360 menu unless I have a movie from one of those genres in my queue. I am betting the starz will work on the ps3 as well. It works on the 360 so no reason it wouldnt work on ps3.

Anyway, there are some movies that I dont really want to have the disc sent to me so I would go online and add them to my instant queue only to find they are not available to the 360 after firing up the netflix app. I can watch them on pc. I am hoping they will be available to the ps3 with their new system.

mikeslemonade3323d ago


When I restarted my netflix membership for the xbox 360 netflix streaming it says i can get unlimited amount of movies mailed with 1 movie in-hand at a time, and I'm able to stream unlimited hours for $8.99. I think i've watched up to 9 hours of content already on the 360. I started about 4 days ago it could be less than 9 hours, but when I signed up it said i had unlimited streaming. The one that limis streaming is the $4.99 and that limits you to 2 movies per month with the 1 movie in-hand at a time, and only 2 hours of instant streaming.

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shadowboricua3323d ago

Same here, arriving tomorrow. YEAH!!

Gamefan123323d ago

Will be nice. Hopfully ( and it should ) be doing HD streaming as well. I stopped my Blu-ray sub with netflix when they jacked the price up. I intend to go back later when i get my new tv but as for now the streaming will be nice.

beavis4play3323d ago

when your account isn't active - you aren't allowed to use the "instant watch" feature.

Gamefan123322d ago

huh? i still rent movies just not blu-ray since they added an additional charge to it. In the near future when I get my new TV ( or they remove this dumb charge ) whichever comes first, I will get blu-ray movies again.

bym051d3323d ago

I asked for a disc, but you can't download the app like you can with the 360?

Godmars2903323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

The current consensus is that this is to bypass the deal they made with MS.

El_Colombiano3323d ago

Oh Netflix played MS dirty!

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