Mad Tracks Coming Tomorrow Now Confirmed

GamingTalkHQ is now reporting that it is official Mad Tracks is coming Tomorrow. They recieved the press release today.

So who's buying?

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AcidRhain3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I like the fact that XBLA games isn't such an ordeal as we are continously just getting games week after week. We are spoiled with content.

badkolo3795d ago

What genious decided to release 2 racers in one week, ive been waiting this for longer then forza after they delayed this game to addmultip play. I am nt going to sleep till 5 am to get this bad boy.

Macdory3795d ago

Where is SWOS - lost in the wilderness it seems ...

(Sensi World Of Soccer - Just in case :))

God of Gaming3795d ago

I sure hope this one plays well.. I have had this one on my list for a long time as games to keep an eye on. I love the Demo feature for every Arcade game!

PhinneousD3795d ago

u are correct buddy christ.

GameJunkieJim3795d ago

This looks pretty darn fun.