Heavy Rain Will Be Defended by the Community

It's hard to create a videogame that tackles mature themes. One just has to ask the people at BioWare who have been vilified by the media, especially Fox News, for the simple fact that they offered some details about how love might look in the future between adults of two different species.

One just has to look at how hard it has been for Fahrenheit to be released uncensored in North America. But David Cage, the leader of the team at Quantic Dream working on Heavy Rain, the story of the Origami Killer, says that he is still determined to make the game mature in every sense of the word.

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Zedux3329d ago

again HR isn't a game for everyone but definitely a GOTY 2010 contender!

Jamie Foxx3329d ago

i hate the way a film classed as 'M' or '18' does not receive the boundaries or censorship a game does

T-What3328d ago

I know I will protest against anyone who thinks games need anything other then the same ratings as movies.