New Medal of Honor: Airborne Videos

Here are 2 new Medal of Honor: Airborne videos. Enjoy!

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shyam1520074187d ago

This game looks awsome, especially the graphics and the gameplay looks pretty good too. Can't w\it till this is released on the PS3 (btw, any1 know what the release date is?)

sonarus4187d ago

Is this game multiplatform? when does it come out? if not multiplatform is it being developed from the ground up for ps3 because. The reason i ask is because all the news i see for this game is always ps3 and never xbox

Dr Pepper4187d ago

It is multiplatform and I'm almost positive the release date is Aug. 21st. As for which platform is lead, I'm not sure.
I can't wait to play this game, it looks really good.