Rumour: Modern Warfare 2 Street Date Broken?

OXCGN hears that another retailer may be releasing a game early, this time MW2:

"It seems that over at the Australian forums there has been some speculation that Activision's Modern Warfare 2 could be on the shelves as early as this end of the week according to some forumites.

It seems that Big W has spoken to a few of their customers in store notifying them that they can stroll into the store as early as today (Thursday 5 November) and pick up their copy."

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gaminoz3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

It seems pretty normal these days for this to happen, so I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be true.

Mind you it's early Thurs here in Oz and I've not seen any proof anyone has got it yet.

LONEWOLF2313329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

My local gamestop already got their shipment in.
They received all of the editions along with the MW 2 360's.
Cant wait to get my Prestige edition!

hobokiller3329d ago

I'ts Thursday here and I haven't heard about no MW2 copies being sold. Anyways, its only 5 days away. I can wait.

JeffGUNZ3328d ago

off topic, but where are all the reviews for this game?

XboxOZ3603329d ago

Many gamers forget that when this happens, the smaller retailers, who often try and do much better deals and supply better service than the likes of K-Mart and Big W and Harvey Norman etc, suffer a great deal.

They loose pre-orders, are left with stock they can not sell, as ppl have dumped their pre-orders and rushed to a local BW to nab a copy early . .

And they wonder WHY small retailers have larger price tags . .If you were running a business and saw this, you'd feel like sticking your head in an oven - seriously.

REALgamer3329d ago

Most smaller retailers are happy to price-match.

There's also Fair Trading policies that allow all retailers to release a game if the street date is broken by another store in their area to prevent unfair advantages, and this includes cancelling any legal warnings of breaking the date since somewhere else has done it already.

Godem3329d ago

apparantly BIG W were quick to see the problem and are not selling it I believe, that being said im patient so I dont mind.

GrathiusXR3329d ago

At who ever tagged the story as lame!

It seems that a few aussies have had the game as early as the end of last week while there are a few stating they have already picked up the game this morning but won't play nor post photos which further ensures speculation as to whether they do have it..

As Godem stated Big W seems to have notified it's stores in sending an email out to NOT sell MW2 today..

Either way come closer to release someone is bound to break and it seems some stores already have their shipment in..

Will be an edgy couple of days leading up to it's release.. Will keep everyone posted if MW2 does indeed have its street date broken!

XboxOZ3603329d ago

ahh good, Seems that B W were going to release the game today (our thursday) - but have had severe discussions with "the powers to be" and have been told point blank that if they do, they face huge fines and it will not be tollerated ..

I'm glad someones got the gonnads to stand up to major retailers. I hate broken release dates with a passion. Unless you've been in small retail, you just do not know the impact these things have on small stores. ANd by small, I mean even mid range retailers like most games stores are when compared to the likes of major chains.

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The story is too old to be commented.