MyWii: Up: The Video Game Review

MyWii writes: "Up on the Wii features some nice graphics and good sound effects with voices lifted from the movie, but overall the game is just too easy. Players have a health bar which is replenished enough to keep them from any real danger and the game is punctuated by verbal hints and player icons to assist with solving puzzles and does take away any real challenge for more seasoned gamers. The multiplayer element to Up is probably one of the more appealing aspects to the game and perhaps this is why the developers have ensured that it is available to players early on as it is a cinch to 'unlock'. The flight sim is best served up to four friends and can provide some lasting value to the game, balancing up the story mode which can be completed in a relatively short time. Up is a good complement to the movie but due to the repetitive nature of the primary gameplay and simple puzzles, it is really only recommended to Pixar fans and particularly the younger audience."

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